Armageddon Rules (Grimm Agency #2) by J.C. Nelson (review)

August 12, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, Humor, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy 0 ★★★★

Armageddon Rules (Grimm Agency #2) by J.C. Nelson (review)Armageddon Rules by J. C. Nelson
Series: Grimm Agency #2
Published by Penguin on February 24th 2015
Number of Pages: 336
Genres: Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Humor, Paranormal, Urban
Source: Purchased
Format: eBook
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Marissa Locks, newly appointed partner of the Grimm Agency, has a reputation for making a mess of magical matters—although causing Armageddon is a new low, even for her…

Marissa is due for a little happily ever after. After all, she did kill the evil Fairy Godmother, end a war, and snag a sweet promotion within the Fairy Godfather's magical-problem-solving Agency. But between maintaining a relationship with someone whose amorous advances can cause third-degree burns, dealing with a killer-poodle infestation, and helping her best friend, Princess Ari, learn to wield spells more powerful than curing a hangover, she’s not getting as much peace and quiet as she hoped.

When an enemy from her past appears to exact a terrible revenge, Marissa’s life goes from hectic to hell on earth. With Grimm inexplicably gone and Ari trapped by a sleeping spell, Marissa decides to fight fire with hellfire—and accidentally begins a countdown to the apocalypse.

With the end of days extremely nigh, Marissa will have to master royal politics, demonic law, and biblical plagues in a hurry—because even the end of the world can’t keep the Agency from opening for business…

This book takes place a few years after the first book ended. I liked this one a lot more, which is rare for me. It had a lot more funny moments, and less of the things that irked me about the first book. Marissa was less shallow in this one, and while she still made fun of princesses, it was in a way you could tell was supposed to be funny and not mean.

I also loved how she twisted the plagues! And it still amuses me that toy poodles are considered evil, people-eating creatures from hell. This was very much a Murphy’s Luck type of story for Marissa. Anytime something seemed to be going right, or at least not bad, another shoe was dropped. But it was done in a way that made sense, and didn’t read like it was just being done to do it.

I still love Grimm, I really liked Ari’s characterization, and Marissa made me laugh on more than one occasion. If you liked the first book, you need to read this one. If the first book turned you off, I’d recommend borrowing this one. It’s much better and makes me want to read the next in the series.


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