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December 6, 2014 Discussions 4

Everyone will of course, have different opinions on this topic. As well as have different ones they prefer. But these 4 have done the best for me.

1) Stumbleupon. I’ve been using it for years on and off, but it never did send me much traffic. Until I started this blog. When I first posted my review of The Godmother by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, I added it to Stumbleupon as I had my earlier reviews and thought nothing of it. Then I went out and did some errands. When I came home I found that review had over 600 hundred hits. All of them from Stumbleupon!

That was highly unusual for me at the time, though it has since been repeated. The best I have done, was 925 hits. I also gained a few subscribers both days.

The best way to use Stumbleupon, is to not add your own site more than 1-2 pages at a time, or per day. It’s better to only add a few pages of your site per week, as that’s less likely to be viewed as spam. You also need to stumble other websites and thumbs up pages you like. The more people who thumbs up your pages, the more times Stumbleupon will show those pages to other users. Which of course means more traffic.

You may also notice a high bounce rate at first, people who land on your pages and immediately click the stumble button to go elsewhere. That is unfortunately normal, but I’ve noticed that as more pages from this blog have been added (by me and you lovely readers), that the bounce rate has gotten slower. Some people have gone on to look at other pages on my site, or subscribe or both. So don’t get discouraged if all you see are bounces at first!

2) Commenting on other blogs. And I mean real comments here, not the drive by spam we all know and delete! Find blogs that interest you, check out their discussion posts or reviews, or whatever kind of posts that interest you. Leave meaningful comments or questions, and if it is allowed (CommentLuv anyone?) a link to your latest post.

Don’t be a spammer. Don’t comment just to be able to leave a link, we can all tell. But the more you interact on other blogs, the more people will be interested to check out your blog.

3) Use Twitter. But use it in the right way. Don’t just spam-post “come see this post!” type of content. Post links to your new posts once or twice a day, no more than 3 times a day if you space them out enough. Retweet posts and links you think your followers would find useful or interesting. Comment on posts that you find interesting yourself. Basically be a good Twitter ‘neighbor’, and people will start to follow you. They will even check out your blog (remember to link to it in your profile!)

4) Give people lots of subscription options. So this isn’t a standard traffic tactic. But the more ways you give people to subscribe, the more likely they are to actually do so and return to your blog. Let them subscribe by e-mail (my favorite! Means I don’t forget to check out blogs when I’m busy, I get e-mail reminders.) RSS, link to your Twitter, Facebook if you use it for your blog, Stumbleupon, BlogLovin is another good one. I’ve seen people link to InstaGram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. If you use it, and share content related to your blog topic on it, link it! You never know what someone might decide is worth following you on.


Do you use any of these to promote your blog? Which ones work best for you? What other ways do you promote your blog?

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4 Responses to “Best Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog”

  1. Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

    I tried to get into StumbleUpon once over a year ago and made the noob mistakes of only linking my own stuff ;-). I really want to get back to it since it seems like a fun idea, but I have so many other things I’m trying to keep up with too D: Totally agreed about giving people lots of ways to follow. I get annoyed when there isn’t an easy RSS link even though I can find it myself eventually!
    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings recently posted…Updates from the Lair 12/07/14My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I still link my stuff, but I try to thumbs up at least 20 other pages between when I add mine. Including your pages and a few other bloggers I follow! *grins*

      I’d do RSS but then when I get busy, I forget to check things. Far easier on my to follow via e-mail. Then the post can sit in my inbox until I get time to actually go and read it.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I use Twitter, but it has never given me all that much traffic. A few clicks a week if that. Haven’t got any experience with reddit.

      I tend to babble sometimes when I comment on other blogs. Not sure if that helps me or not! *laughs* There are a few that I comment on regularly, and a number I comment on every once in a while. All of them have gotten me traffic. If you have any questions about stumbleupon, feel free to poke me.

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