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November 15, 2014 Discussions 2

Anyone who has ever read a book, has at one time or another wished they could live in one of the stories. (And if you haven’t wished that, you haven’t been reading the right books!) These are my perfect family and friends from some of those worlds…



Who would your parents be?

Vanyel and Stephan from the Last Herald-Mage books by Mercedes Lackey. I’ve loved Van since the first moment I started reading those books. I’d probably be spoiled rotten, and not see him for long stretches at a time, but it would be worth it. And Stephan is such a little mischief-maker and manipulator. He’d be a ton of fun to be around, even if I would never be able to get anything past him. Ever.


Who would be your sister?

Menolly from the Harper Hall of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey. She has nine firelizards, nine. If she was my sister, I bet she would give me eggs to have my own. Plus she’s such a strong girl character, so much happens to her but she never turns bitter. I’d love to hear about her adventures first hand, and possibly go along on a few. (Side-note, I really hate when publishers change the covers of books and make them uglier. My copy from when I was a teen is so much nicer than the current one.)


Who would be your brother?

Nathaniel Graison from the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. I love his character, and even though he’s a submissive werewolf and not strong in himself like my other choices, I’d still love to have him as a brother.


Who would be your pet?

Grey Hishn from the Wolfwalker books by Tara K. Harper. Though she’s not exactly a pet, she’s more of a telepathic wolf companion. She’s the only one who springs to mind. And it would be neat to walk down the streets with a wolf who’s back comes up to my chest. See how many people would run screaming. And Grey Hishin would have fun with that too.


Where would you live?

Imladris/Rivendell with Elrond and the other elves. Lothlorien would be lovely to see, but meeting Glorfindel, Elladan, Elrohir, Erestor and Elrond would be wonderful. I’d love to look at the buildings and crafts and learn everything I could. And since that would take most of my life, I’d have to live there to do it!


Where would you go to school?

I’m sure Hogwarts is going to be chosen by most people. I’m a little old to be a first year now, but they have aging potions so there must be such a thing as youth potions. Right?


Who would be your best friend?

Tasslehoff Burrfoot from the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman. Someone shorter than I am is a novelty, and he’s funny and sweet. I’d have to keep track of my things because kenders are kleptomaniacs, but it would be worth it.


Who would be your significant other?

I’ve already done Harry Potter, but I’d love to have Fred Weasley as my boyfriend. (Alive please.) Funny, smart, big family, knows what he wants and will work to get it.



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For the non-bloggers, have you read all of these books? If so which was your favorite and why? Did I pick any of the choices you would have?

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