Books For Valentines Day?

February 14, 2015 Discussions 6

I know a lot of people who think Valentines Day is way too commercialized. It’s hard to go out anywhere because you have to make reservations weeks in advance. Even movies and parks are crowded.

And everywhere you look, things are being pushed in your face that you ‘need’ to buy for your significant other. Candy, flowers, jewelry, toys for kids. If they can find a way to tie it in, they’ll push it at you and say you must get this to be a good boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/whatever.

I haven’t dated in years, but even when I was dating, I’d opt to ‘celebrate’ Valentines Day some other day. When it wasn’t super crowded, when there weren’t all these expectations, etc.

And I’d always give more unexpected gifts. You can get chocolate cheaper the day after, and while flowers are nice, since they’re ‘expected’ it isn’t as exciting to me. I loved when I’d be given books, or other non-traditional gifts. Would have loved getting these comic book flowers!



How do you celebrate? DO you celebrate? Would you rather be given books or gift cards for books, instead of chocolate/flowers/jewelry? What was the strangest gift you’ve ever been given for Valentines Day?

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6 Responses to “Books For Valentines Day?”

  1. Lola

    Me and my boyfriend don’t really celebrate valentine’s day althoguh we do the occasional joke of oh this is for valentine’s day days in advance and jokingly attribute every ncie thign we do to that. Although my boyfriend did surprise me with a rose and chocolates two days before valentine’s day and even though it’s cliché I lvoed both. The rose wa spretty and smelled nice and the chocolated where gone in a day, I regret nothing. And I baked brownies yesterday and apple crumble today, yum! Any excuse to bake is a good one.

    Actually I am fine with the chocolates and flowers, it’s more romantic than books, although I am happy with anything I get, so I am not too picky.

    I don’t remember ever getting a starneg fit, we either do the whole chocolate thing or giving each other random presents or nothing at all. It all depends on the year.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      Brownies and apple crumble? I’ve been trying to be good and not bake too often because I’m trying to lose weight. But that sounds so good!

      Oh I don’t really mind being given chocolate and flowers. I need to word things better when I’m writing stuff up. It just always seems so expected, that it isn’t all that much of a surprise. Glad your Valentines Day (week?) was a good one though!

    • SilvaraWilde

      Have you seen those miniature books? The ones that are like 1-2 inches tall? I can totally see someone going “Well, this is only a little holiday, so you only get a little present.” and giving you one of those! *laughs*

      That’s awesome that you used to get so many gift books though.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Happy Birthday in case I missed it! (Since I can’t remember if I told you that around the day of…)

      My family thinks I’m a bit insane, because I only really celebrate 2 of the ‘major’ holidays everyone else does. Christmas (I love to spoil my niece and nephew and it’s a legit excuse!) and Halloween. So it’s a bit of a joke, if they want me to celebrate whatever-holiday-it-is with them, they give me a book and I’ll go ‘yay, book!’ and go off happily.

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