Book Summaries

All the summaries in italics, are taken from the summary either on Amazon, GoodReads, or the back covers of the actual books. In the event that I have not been able to get a summary for a particular book (IE. it’s an e-book and for whatever reason none of my usual sites have the summary listed), I will give a short summary in my own words. I will try to avoid any spoilers should I do so.

Book Reviews

Everything in the reviews I post are my own personal opinion. I receive no money from publishers or authors for doing these reviews. In some cases, I have been given a free copy of the book in exchange for my review. In such cases, it will be noted in the “How I Got My Copy” section of the review. For the most part, I am slowly working my way through my massive TBR pile of books I have purchased myself.

Affiliate Links

Yes, the Amazon and Barnes & Noble links I post in my reviews are affiliate links. Should you choose to click one and make a purchase, I will be getting a small, usually very small, referral fee. These monies go to paying for the sites web hosting, giveaways, and enabling me to purchase more books that will get reviewed here.

Images Used

The dragon header image on my blog was made by Becca Gowdy. Please do not use it elsewhere.

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