Do You Cry When Reading?

November 28, 2015 Discussions 13

I keep a box of kleenex on my desk. Not just because I have allergies, but so that when I’m reading a book I can just take a few steps to get to the box. I don’t consider myself a crier. I actually don’t cry much normally, I’m not sure why. When my grandmother passed last month, I didn’t cry. I was sad, and I still miss her every day. But not a tear was shed.

Which makes it all the more odd that certain movies and books will make me bawl. I was reading a short story collection last night and while most of the stories were just so-so, this one made me cry multiple times. At least I was alone at work so no one saw me? *laughs*

I’ll cry if something sad happens, sometimes even if it’s only the bittersweet kind of sad. Sometimes something is SO sweet it makes me want to cry (though no tears actually fall!) And other times I’ll be sitting there telling myself “I will NOT cry. No crying. No Crying!” And then of course I have to grab a tissue because my eyes won’t stop watering. Or I’ll realize the scene I’m reading is going to trigger it, so I’ll stop and take a break to do something else before I actually cry. Then come back an hour or so later and it’s like I never took the break, I’ll read a few more words and suddenly there’s water everywhere.

And yet, even knowing what’s going to happen, I can’t make myself not read that part. I can’t skim or skip over it, and I don’t stop reading things by that author. I’ll even cry if I’ve read the book before and know it’s coming! I’m sure certain books show the marks of my waterworks since they usually end up being favorites somehow.

Do you cry when reading a book? Is it always the same triggers if you cry? Does reading the passage multiple times dull the crying, or do you cry every time regardless? Do you avoid books if you know they might make you cry?

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13 Responses to “Do You Cry When Reading?”

    • SilvaraWilde

      Not all my favorite books make me cry, not even most of them. But the ones that do are usually unforgettable in some way. And not just for the bits that made me cry! *laughs* It does seem like I have multiple books by authors that have managed to make me cry though. So I must be right there with you in the “glutton for punishment” area.

  1. Kristen Burns

    I’m not a big crier when I read. My eyes will get watery, but that’s usually it. Sometimes one or two tears will fall. I can think of only two books that made me shed more than two tears. I get sad, I just don’t usually show it that way, I guess? I’m a complete sap though, so I’m more likely to cry because of something sweet. Actually, the one time I started sobbing during a movie in the past few years was because the moment was both sweet and sad, so apparently that’s what it takes for me lol.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      Sweet and sad at the same time definitely make me cry! And with movies it’s harder to stop the crying since you can see and hear it all happening, not just having it play out in your minds eye.

      It doesn’t always happen to me, just when I’ve gotten invested in the character or book. So I guess if nothing else, it tells me the writing was good! *laughs* Thanks for stopping by!

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’m glad I don’t cry for happy endings. That would be way too many waterworks! But I’ve known lots of people who cry because they’re happy, so it totally makes sense that you would cry for happy endings. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Bunnita @ Worth Reading It?

    I don’t really cry much in general. Though I have noticed that the older I get the more emotional I have become. With that being said, only one book really made me cry. I read Hunger Games and Rue being killed made me sad but I didn’t cry. Then when I watched the movie. I cried because the girl they casted looks like she could be my nieces sister.

    So when I was listening to the audiobook of Hunger Games I was sobbing. An ex coworker was like why are you crying. Between breathes I was like “they killed Rue”. He just shook his head and walked away. But since I had the movie image of Rue to go with the words of the book and her resemblance to my nieces the floodgates just opened up.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      One of these days I’m going to get around to reading that series. (I’ve been saying that for more than a year now!) I refuse to watch the movies before I’ve read the books, which makes it all the harder since the movies look so good!

      I totally cry when favorite characters die. When Fred was killed in Harry Potter (and Sirius), I sobbed like a crazy person. I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if the character being killed off looked like someone I knew!

      • Bunnita @ Worth Reading It?

        You know, it’s an okay series. I only reread it once and I doubt I’ll reread it again. HP on the other hand, I think I’ll be 70 and still rereading it. I was said when all of them died but especially Dobby. 🙁

  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I barely ever cry when reading! Sometimes I’ll cry inside but I only actually remember crying in a book ONCE (and it was for Perks of Being a Wallflower and it was yeeeeears ago). XD I cry in movies sometimes, like if something bad happens to an animal = me a sobbing wreck. *collapses in a puddle of tears*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I cry in movies more often than I cry when reading. But sometimes an author will describe a death of a favorite character and I’ll just bawl! And sometimes I won’t have cared about the character yet, but the way the death was described is so sad tears pop out. And occasionally, there will be a scene so sweet it makes me cry for no apparent reason!

      I know, I know. I’m a crazy person. That would be the real reason there’s a box of tissues on my desk. I say they’re for my allergies, but I snag them during sad book moments too! *giggles*

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