Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?

November 21, 2015 Discussions 7

I love blogging. I love visiting other people’s blogs, reading their posts and commenting. But after my unexpected 26 day hiatus, trying to play catch up is leaving me wanting to do something other than deal with everything.

I had over 200+ e-mails waiting for me to go through them. This doesn’t count the ones I was reading and deleting on my phone. These would be only the ones I actually had to respond to, or posts I had saved to read and comment on from the blogs I follow. (I’m now down to about 30-ish! Yay me!)

I have 10 reviews that I’ve written, but need to actually put together and schedule. (I did 4 of them last night, but have to do the other 6 still!)

I have 3 books I’ve finished but haven’t written the reviews for. All three were either ARCs or books sent specifically for review. I’ll be working on those this weekend.

There’s all these wonderful discussion posts from Nicole’s challenge that I want to go read and comment on.

Besides all the bloggy stuff, there’s other things that I need to do now that I have the internet to do them with. Like say “yes I want that healthcare plan.” (well, not really, but it’s the cheapest one…) And a host of other things.

And when I look at my list of To Be Done? My brain kicks in with things I’d rather be doing. Like last night I suddenly had the thought that I wanted to play the Sims 3 again and start a new character and do something hard. (I didn’t.) I was like, Really brain? You could have done that during the time you had no internet! Why suddenly wish this now? Oh right. Because you don’t want to actually Do The Things.

I want to do all the things. But I also don’t want to do any of the things.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Give me ideas all you smart and lovely people! I don’t want to procrastinate too long because I am too good at doing so on a normal basis. But I also don’t want to be in the blah zone too long either.

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7 Responses to “Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?”

  1. Jen @ Books That Hook

    I get overwhelmed daily. It’s even harder now because I have the stress of being unemployed, knowing that all this blogging stuff I spend hours on daily doesn’t help me a bit when it comes to paying my bills. I really don’t want to become homeless!

    Even when I had a job, I never took more than a couple of days from blogging. What helps me keep going is to treat the blog like a job (albeit unpaid). This mindset forces me to do the things I don’t feel like doing.

    I figure if I’m not going to give it my best effort (as time allows) there isn’t a point in doing it. If I were to treat it like something I don’t really have to do, I’d never get anything done. I’m a BIG procrastinator.

    Does thinking of it like a job take some of the fun out of blogging? Probably, but I’m old enough that I don’t really care about having fun. I do it because I love books, love the people in the blogging community, and hope this turns into something bigger someday.

    Good luck to you. I hope you get over your slump 🙂

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I actually started this blog because I was unemployed. It gave me a distraction while I was waiting for interview calls each week after I’d applied for jobs. And then I loved it enough to keep it going after getting a full-time position.

      If I hadn’t lost internet for almost a month, it wouldn’t be nearly as overwhelming. I like blogging and everything that goes with it. I just look a the piles of things I have to catch up on now that I have the internet to do so, and cringe.

      I have tomorrow off from my actual job though, so I plan on trying to get as much blog-stuff done as I can. It was dead at work, so I got 2 of my reviews written and e-mailed to myself. Now I just have to create the posts for it all and get back to the e-mails etc. Thank you for the advice!

  2. Joséphine @ Word Revel

    I think at some point every blogger feels overwhelmed at least to some degree. We all have our commitments besides blogging and sometimes something’s got to give.

    Personally, I’ve found it helps me to reset my queue of things to be done. I view my backlog with a clean slate and start reviewing a book I’ve just finished reading and then go on to the next I’ve read. Then when I’m motivated, I go back to look at the books I offloaded from my queue. But if it never comes to that I don’t feel guilty either because I’d rather move forward than get stuck on something I didn’t manage to do in the past.
    JosĂ©phine @ Word Revel recently posted…Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, Vol. 2: The ProgrammesMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      That’s a really good way to look at things. I’ve already decided not to review two of the books I read during the time my internet was down. I liked them, but I’ve already forgotten enough of the plot that the reviews would be…pitiful. *laughs*

      And skipping them means that much less I have to catch up on. And I’m finally down to the last 15 e-mails that needed to be read/dealt with! *happy dance* I think most of my issue is the fact that I am easily distracted at the best of times. So now that I have to play almost a month’s worth of catch-up, my mind is running off in even more directions than usual.

      I told myself that I’d be focusing on my blog today since I have the day off. And then I got up and spent the morning updating policies in my Etsy store so it can be re-opened. *shakes her head* But I’m back on track again! *We’ll see how long this lasts…* *lol* Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I wish I could give you some great ideas, but my best advice is just to let some things go. There are certain things you can’t make up for – and 26 days without the internet is one of them! Though, now that I’m looking at your comments, I’m seeing that maybe you’ve already caught up! You’re way better than me!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…November RecapMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Yes, amazingly enough I think I am! All my reviews from my hiatus are written and scheduled. All the e-mails caught up on. I just had to sacrifice my Fantasy Creature Friday posts for the rest of November.

      Bit sad about that, but at least I got one out yesterday? *laughs* And now that I’m caught up again, I’m not overwhelmed anymore. It was just thinking about all the work I had to do to get caught up that was the issue!

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