Do You Keep Every Book Ever?

April 11, 2015 Discussions 10

I’m bad about keeping books. This would be one reason I have 10 floor to ceiling bookcases. (8 of which are completely full, 1 is half full, and one has one shelf of books, and then my ceramics and paint for them.)

It’s hard for me to give away books unless I absolutely hated them. Those ones get given away if friends or family want them, and otherwise get turned into the local used bookstore for credit towards more books.

If I only kind of liked the book, it still usually ends up on my shelves. And once I’ve had the book around for a few years, it gets that much harder to part with it. I’m the same way with clothes and movies, but those I’m more likely to part with. Books for some reason I end up in the toddler “mine!” mindset.

I haven’t read it in years, I might not even remember I own it, but once I do realize, it’s mine. And that’s all there is to that. I’m trying to be better about this. I actually have a stack of books right now that I’ve told myself I am not keeping. They’re on their own separate shelf, on a bookcase that isn’t full. Just waiting on me to decide if they’re in good enough condition to giveaway here on the blog, or if they should go to the local used bookstore as trade-ins.

I’ve always been a book hoarder. Even as a little kid, I hated when my parents would clear out the books on my shelves because I had ‘outgrown them.’ Even if I was getting all new books, ones I hadn’t read yet, I wanted the old ones too!

I remember once Dad went and took all of my “Serendipity” books. (It was a book series, printed in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s. They had books like “Leo the Lop”, “Flutterby”, “Morgan and Me”, “Morgan Morning”, etc.) He was boxing them up to give away to a younger cousin of mine. He took my tricycle to give to that same cousin. I didn’t care so much about the tricycle, but I wanted those books!

I went behind him and pulled out my favorites, and he got mad at me and took them away again. So I got up at 3am, snuck down the hall in the dark, and went through the only box he hadn’t sealed yet. It didn’t have any of my favorite books, so I took the ones I liked best out of it and went back to bed. Don’t remember where I hid them, but I still have them here somewhere.

Amazing what kids remember. Pretty sure that was the only time he took my books without asking me first. I’m sure I threw a terrible fit.


Do you keep all your books? Do you have a book hoarding problem, or are you easily able to give away books once you’ve read them? Are you a ‘read it one time and get rid of it’ person? Have any fun stories about you or family members, and getting rid of books?

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10 Responses to “Do You Keep Every Book Ever?”

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’ll keep duplicates if my old one is starting to get ratty looking or like it’s going to fall apart soon. Saves me the trouble of replacing it later. But otherwise, I’m good about getting rid of duplicates. So there’s that at least! Glad to know I’m not the only book hoarder.

  1. Liza Barrett

    It’s sooooo hard to get rid of books; I totally agree. I ended up leaving several behind at my parents’ when I moved out under the guise that they were really my brother’s. And when I moved last time I made a run to Half Price Books and sold a pretty sizable pile because I just needed to free up some space — keeping them around is all well and good when I’m living by myself, but we had to get pretty creative in our small little apartment. It was a sad, sad day. 🙁
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I still have, I don’t know how many boxes of books in my Mom’s storage unit. I’ve been asking her for years to ship them to me and I’d pay her for the shipping. But she says it’s too much work. Which makes me think I must have way more boxes of books there than I thought! I’ve replaced a lot of them by now, but can’t really remember what all I still need to get again.

      This is a major problem with my book hoarding. Sometimes I end up buying multiple copies of a book, because I don’t remember that I own it already! I’ve also been known to leave my books packed in boxes when I don’t have the space to unpack them. And then store said boxes under my bed, or in a closet until I’ve moved somewhere with more space. I did this for years, and actually was able to memorize what box had which books. My roommates thought I was mental. *laughs*

    • SilvaraWilde

      Lucky! I need to learn that skill. Unfortunately, I get my book-hoarding tendencies from my Dad. He’s the same way, only not just with books. Almost every week I come home, and he’s brought more stuff into the house because he saw it at Good Will, or a garage sale or whatever. I’m just glad I don’t have it that bad, it’s pretty much just books with me. Everything else I can give away if I need to.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’m horrible, I refuse to get ride of books due to lack of space. I just find places to stick them. Usually in boxes in the floorspace of my closet, or shoved under my bed. But that most likely works because I don’t have a lot of ‘stuff’ other than books. I have toys, and computer stuff, and my yarn collection and ceramics, but I’m fairly good about not hanging onto knick knack kind of things.

  2. Sue Holmes

    I only keep the ones I really love, otherwise I give my books away, either to friends or local school libraries.

    We have a set of the Serendipity books in our school library! They are so popular 🙂
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