How Early Do You Start Your Christmas Shopping?

November 26, 2016 Discussions 2

It varies year to year for me, but I usually try to be finished by the end of November at the latest. I like not having to scramble around at the last minute looking for gifts. And it’s nice to not worry about if a particular item is sold out or not.

This year all my shopping was done by November 25th. I got Dad’s gift last because he almost never knows what he wants when I ask him. My usual defaults if I can’t come up with anything else, are an interesting nutcracker (he collects them), or some kind of fantasy statue (he collects those too!)

For his birthday this year, I got him a Minotaur holding an axe. For Christmas last year, I got him 2 nutcrackers. 1 was a Darth Vader nutcracker (links are to Amazon where I bought them), the other was an R2D2 nutcracker. He opened the box they were in, and looked at them for a few moments. I then had to tell him what they were and he was surprised and thought they were extremely cool! (To be fair, he was sick during Christmas last year, if he’d been well I’m sure he would have realized what they were!)

I’ll tell you what I got him this year, after Christmas. Just in case he happens to see this post! *laughs*

I’m super glad I went shopping early this year for my niece and nephew. It was kind of a “on a whim” thing though. I saw an article being passed around by some friends on Facebook in early October. And hadn’t heard of the toy or company before. They looked cute, and after messaging my sister to see if she thought the kids would like them, I picked up one each in Walmart.

There hasn’t been one in stock in any store around me since! What is this toy? Hatchimals. They come in a number of different colors, and a few different species. And were likened to Furbies but cuter, and hatch out of plastic eggs.

I spent about $45 each before tax, now I don’t see them online anywhere for less than $250! So early shopping for the win! (Though honestly, early October is way early for Christmas shopping, even for me! *lol*)


How early do you do your Christmas (or holiday in general) shopping? What holiday luck did you have this year while buying gifts? What is the latest you’ve ever bought a gift? The earliest? Do you do most of your shopping online or in stores?

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2 Responses to “How Early Do You Start Your Christmas Shopping?”

  1. Chrystal

    Normally my shopping gets done in December when I receive my bonus pay, but this year I’m on maternity leave and have to budget big time. I am done buying gifts for my side of the family. Now to shop for hubby’s side in a few weeks. I’m excited that I’m done half already and might make this an annual thing.

    Those nutcrackers sound fun! What a neat thing to collect. And yay for getting the toy of the season before they sold out. Hope your niece and nephew enjoy them.

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