Ever Wished A Movie Was A Book, But It Wasn’t?

March 7, 2015 Discussions 2

I had this thought the other day after watching Jupiter Ascending. (And no, there will be no spoilers. Promise!) I really liked the movie, it was the perfect setting for a book, and had more than enough plot and made me have enough questions, that I really wanted it to not be just a book, but a book series.

So I came home, got online and searched around to see if it was a book… and then found out that it not only wasn’t a book, but as far as I could find, there were no plans for it to be a book. Huge disappointment. Had the movie been based (even only loosely!) on a book or series of books, I would have gone out and bought them right then and there.

But it wasn’t, and so I was just left with the wish that it had been. This doesn’t happen much at all to me, in fact, the only other times I can remember seeing a movie and then hoping for a book, I found there was a book or series that the movie had been based on. Or if not based on, then books came out shortly after the movie had been made, based in the movie-verse world. And that worked for me too.

So I was just wondering, has anyone else ever seen a movie, and wished there was a book version? What movie was it? Did your wish come true? Are there still movies out there that you’d love to have a book version of?

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2 Responses to “Ever Wished A Movie Was A Book, But It Wasn’t?”

    • SilvaraWilde

      There should be a voting system for movies. Like, if the movie gets x-number of votes, it has to have a book about the plot. If one doesn’t exist already, it has to be written. But somehow, I don’t see that ever happening. *laughs* Ah well.

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