Eviltron – April Fool’s Prank!

April 1, 2016 Discussions 6

So, I adore April Fool’s day. I don’t always come up with something to do, or have the opportunity for pranking. But when I do? *rubs hands together evilly* *adopts patented wide-eyed innocent look*

One year I had my co-workers convinced I was pregnant. Which at the time they all knew very well wasn’t possible. Another year on a virtual pet site I play on, I sent out fake “Congratulations on your baby pony!” messages to all my friends. Copying exactly what the game system would have sent out as an automated message… Even the people who didn’t breed on the game went looking for ‘miracle babies’ before realizing I had sent the messages not the game!

One year, I called into work (it was my day off) and told my boss I quit. Then after she freaked out, told her it was April Fool’s and I’d be in the next day! (I don’t recommend this unless you know you have a really cool/laid back boss!)

I’ve pretended to be engaged, moving to a different country, I had one set of coworkers convinced I was sick of working and was just going to pop out babies for welfare checks. (They were super gullible!)

But this year? I wanted to do something different. So I came up with a few different ideas, and finally decided to prank my current supervisor. (She’s totally cool. So I should still have a job after this… *lol*)

I bought the Eviltron from ThinkGeek. It plays a number of different sounds, from scratching noises, creaking, a gasping breath, children laughing, and a guys voice whispering “Hey, can you hear me?”

There’s also a random mode, that will play one of the sounds at random every 4 minutes. I plan to stick it to the back of my supervisors desk and see what happens! I’ll update this post after I get home from work and let you all know how it goes. *snickers*


Edit: So it was fabulous! I got to work at 11am, my supervisor went to lunch at 11:30am. Of the other 2 girls in the office, both were apparently deaf and blind today. Neither one noticed me get up, turn on the Eviltron, or place it!

She has these plastic team pennants she has hanging from the metal shelf above her desk. So since the Eviltron has a magnet on the side opposite the speaker, I placed it there right behind one of the pennants.

It took her an hour before she knew for sure she’d heard something, and then immediately accused me! But I played it off as me laughing because she’s crazy, and I always laugh at her for that. (I totally do!) Then she accused each of the other 2 girls in the office and they pled not guilty. I had it set to random mode, so every 4-ish minutes, a random sound was played. I heard the giggling, and the sigh/breath and she would immediately go “I heard that! Did anyone else hear that?!” and they’d say yes they heard it.

She pulled out her filing cabinet from underneath her desk, searched her purse and drawers and didn’t find it. She’d accuse me of having done something every 10min or so. And then after two hours, it played the guy whispering “Hey, can you hear me?” And she JUMPED up out of her chair! *lol* Yelling “Yes I hear you! I know you did something Silvara!” She started shoving everything around on her shelf and yelling “where is it??”

So I got up, walked over, reached around her and pulled it off the ceiling of her shelf and she was all “I knew it was you! I knew you did something!!”

It was truly priceless! *laughing* And now she wants to borrow the Annoy-a-tron off me to prank her husband with the cat meowing sound it does. *lol* I do love April Fool’s…


What are you planning to do for April Fool’s? What has been your favorite prank of the past? What prank did you pull that you didn’t think anyone would fall for, but they did?

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6 Responses to “Eviltron – April Fool’s Prank!”

  1. Jamie @ Vailia's Page Turner

    Haha, sounds like a fun day at work. I wish I had bosses like that. But nope. I actually had the day off and my husband has been super stressed and overworked lately so no Aprils fools on him. Just a quiet normal day this year.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I had last April Fool’s off. My supervisor said she should have had me off this year as well, and she’ll have to remember to do so next year. *laughs* Sorry your husband was stressed out! Hope he gets enough downtime to make him feel better soon.

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