Falcon’s Dragon by Luli Gray (review)

November 16, 2014 All Reviews, Fantasy, YA 0 ★★

Falcon’s Dragon by Luli Gray (review)Falcon's Dragon by Luli Gray
Published by Stay Thirsty Press on July 30th, 2011
Number of Pages: 787 KB no page # given
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
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Format: eBook
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FALCON'S DRAGON is the story of a little girl named Falcon who finds a hot, scarlet egg in New York City's Central Park and carefully brings it home to care for it. And, one day, a baby dragon cracks through the eggshell and changes Falcon’s life forever.

In Book 1, “Falcon’s Egg,” Falcon begins her lifelong journey into the world of magic, that mysterious, enchanting place that glimmers just beyond the edge of vision. It is a country known only to believers, whose unique qualities will always set them apart, and Falcon is not at all sure whether this is a gift…or a curse.

When Falcon returns from Central Park, she persuades her neighbor, Ardene, to keep the egg safe in her own apartment. Falcon’s Great-Great-Aunt Emily joins them and brings in an ornithologist from the museum to wait for the egg to hatch. When it does, the tiny dragon that emerges, that Falcon names “Egg,” becomes both a joy and a difficult problem as Egg grows bigger and bigger, and hotter and hotter. When Egg learns to fly, Falcon finds herself in real trouble. What do you do with a secret dragon in New York City? The search for a solution forces Falcon to face her greatest fear.

In Book 2, “Falcon and the Charles Street Witch,” Falcon embarks upon a quest to find her lost brother and rescue her beloved Egg from people who would lock Egg up or maybe even kill her. In the course of Falcon’s adventures, she learns more about her surprising Great-Great-Aunt Emily and meets a colorful, ancient dragon. Through it all, the magic world both delights and terrifies Falcon, but it also leads her to discover a spark of unexpected courage within her own heart.



This book has no listed page numbers, nor does it tell you how many pages are in the book, just the size of the file. The first 2% of the book is a fairly detailed synopsis of books 1 and 2 in this series, as written by the author. It also explains how she came to write the books. While interesting in a way, I found myself wondering why she seemed to be giving away what sounded like important plot points before the reader had even seen chapter 1. This book contains both Book 1 and Book 2.

Falcon’s little brother goes from being called Toody to Toady and back again. Not sure which name was the proper one. There are also other misspelled words scattered throughout, at one point instead of using the letter “I” there is a “1”. But all of these would be mostly easily overlooked.

Except. In other books that I have read about people who have found or been given dragon eggs, the main character always wants to keep the dragon a secret to protect it. And Falcon does as well, until the egg is hatched. Once Egg has hatched, and starts growing, Falcon seems to totally forget about keeping her a secret! She’s mad because the adults move Egg out of the apartment and into a secluded aviary. Even though Egg had been getting so hot she was starting to burn things in the apartment.

She buys her a collar and leash to take Egg for walks. The adults try telling her it’s a bad idea, not safe for Egg because people might take her away and use her for scientific study. But all Falcon seems to do is get more and more stubborn and “I found her, she’s mine!” (not a direct quote.)

By the 34% mark in the book, I was starting to cringe and be afraid something bad was going to happen to Egg. Falcon kept telling the others that Egg was not a pet, and yet she kept treating Egg like a pet dog. She does eventually do right by Egg, but all in all, I just wasn’t interested in reading book 2.


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