Fantasy Creature Friday – Harpy!

February 13, 2015 Discussions 10

What is Fantasy Creature Friday? It’s a discussion where I will talk about a particular creature every week. And what book or book series I think of when that creature is mentioned. At the end of the post, you will also get to link up your own fantasy creature book reviews and discussions for others to wander through.

Thanks to Anya at On Star Ships And Dragon Wings for letting me borrow her ‘link your blog’ idea. She does a giveaway every Friday where you can win ARC’s and link up your reviews/discussions/giveaways. You should totally check it out after you’re done here!


This weeks creature is the:





Harpies are half human and half bird (vultures), and almost always female. This sounds like it could be a pretty combination, however harpies work at being ugly the way most girls work at being pretty. They never bathe, so they’re always covered in grime and stink horribly. They also swear and love to fight goblins.

Male harpies are extremely rare, they were once thought to be extinct. Female harpies usually mate with males of other species, the babies from these matings are always female. Because male harpies are so rare, they are considered Princes. They are also very handsome and take care of themselves to stay that way, unlike the females.

Harpies have the potential to have a half-talent, with the other half residing in a goblin counterpart. In order to be able to use their talent, the two must cooperate. However, since the two species hate each other, this rarely occurs.



I’ve also read about harpies in The Immortals books by Tamora Pierce. Do you know of any other books that have harpies in them? Do you read Xanth? (It’s been years since I read Xanth, couldn’t even say what book I left off at!)





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10 Responses to “Fantasy Creature Friday – Harpy!”

    • SilvaraWilde

      Genetically engineered bird girls sound like fun! I’ll have to look up Above World and see what it’s about.

      And yes! Harpies as main characters would be awesome to read about. I’ve only ever seen them as minor/side characters. And not very often even then.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I completely forgot there was a harpy in the Last Unicorn! How I forgot, I have no idea. *lol* But yay! A creature you recognize! I tried to come up with an easier one for this past friday and used Hippogriff. Figured most people have read/seen Harry Potter by now.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I -think- one of the Xanth books has a non-stereotypical Harpy in it. Can’t think of her name (or what book!), but she’s pretty and clean and not at all foul-mouthed.

      But yes, I’m all for changing things around. It would make an interesting twist if it was done well.

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