Fantasy Creature Friday – Jinn!

August 21, 2015 Discussions 4

What is Fantasy Creature Friday? It’s a discussion where I will talk about a particular creature every week. And what book or book series I think of when that creature is mentioned. At the end of the post, you will also get to link up your own fantasy creature book reviews and discussions for others to wander through.


This weeks creature is the:





Jinn, also called Djinn, or Genies, are from Arabian and Islamic mythology. They live in an alternate world from ours, and are made of smoke as well as flesh. Jinn can be good, evil, or neutral just as humans can. Jinn can travel vast distances at extreme speed, moving in moments what would take us hours or days even traveling by plane or car.

Jinn have kings, laws and courts, weddings and funerals in much the same way humans would. Changed by their own customs of course. Some say there are 5 distinct types of Jinn, others say there are only 3. The strongest Jinn rule over the others. No one knows how long Jinni live. Some say a thousand years, some say they are immortal.

There are both male and female Jinn. Among their powers, is the ability to manifest objects. This is one reason they are sought after. When bound to an object, usually an ornate bottle or lamp, the possessor of the object is granted 3 wishes. The Jinn must obey their master while he or she is in possession of their object. No one is sure how the Jinn become bound however. Some believe it is punishment from the Gods for misbehavior. Others say evil wizards twisted magics around whatever Jinn they could find, to bind them into service.

Jinn who have been bound, usually wear visible shackles around their wrists. These may look like ornate bracelets, simple metal bands, or actual shackles with chains. The Jinn must grant wishes for however many people find their object, until they are released from their bonds.

I have read about Jinn in a number of books, including: Exquisite Captive, Becoming Jinn, & The Negotiator Series (by C. E. Murphy).


Have you heard of Jinn before? What is your favorite book with a Jinn in it?



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4 Responses to “Fantasy Creature Friday – Jinn!”

  1. Lola

    I have read one book about Jinn that I can remember, it was called Summoned, but while I liked how the Jinn aspect was handled I thought the book was a bit meh and gave it 2 stars I think. And ofcourse the Disney movie Aladin, that’s where I first heard about the Jinn. I would like to see more books with Jinn in them.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I’d love to see more books with Jinn in them, as long as they’re done well. I didn’t really care for Becoming Jinn at all. But I loved Exquisite Captive, and the Negotiator Series.

      I don’t actually remember how I first heard about Jinn. Most likely from either a book when I was growing up, or from reading mythology. I know I’d heard of them before Aladdin.

  2. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Yay!! Another one I’ve definitely read about before. The first book that comes to mind is The Golem and the Jinni – excellent book!

    (Oh, P.S. I replied to your comment on my blog about hosting with Ashley, but I think one of the quirks right now is that replying is acting funky – I’m sure she’ll have it fixed soon, but I had to sign on right before she headed off to Hawaii. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that Ashley takes care of all the details for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything technical!)
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I’ll have to check the book out!

      Hmmm… That definitely makes me want to look into hosting with her then. Not having to deal with any of the headache of moving my site? Win! *lol* My hosting is up for renewal in another month or so, so it’s the perfect time too.

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