Fantasy Creature Friday – Kul!

April 10, 2015 Discussions 4

What is Fantasy Creature Friday? It’s a discussion where I will talk about a particular creature every week. And what book or book series I think of when that creature is mentioned. At the end of the post, you will also get to link up your own fantasy creature book reviews and discussions for others to wander through.

Thanks to Anya at On Star Ships And Dragon Wings for letting me borrow her ‘link your blog’ idea. She does a giveaway every Friday where you can win ARC’s and link up your reviews/discussions/giveaways. You should totally check it out after you’re done here!


This weeks fantasy creature is the:


A Kul is a Syrian water monster, similar to Merfolk. They live in freshwater, usually at the bottom of lakes, pools, and wells. Rarely friendly with humans, they are known to deliberately stir up mud to pollute or poison the waters in which they live. However, they love music, and if you sign a song in their honor, they will become your friend.


I haven’t actually read any books with this creature in it, so no suggestions from me this week. Have you heard of the Kul before? Read any books with them in it?



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4 Responses to “Fantasy Creature Friday – Kul!”

    • SilvaraWilde

      More like it was 9pm last night and I suddenly realized I hadn’t scheduled a FCF, and I hadn’t done it the last 2 weeks either! *laughs* So I went flipping through my fantasy creature book and that one looked interesting.

      I still have hundreds of creatures left to talk about. Some of which I’ve actually read about! Though again, a lot of them are in books I’ve already mentioned in other fantasy creature fridays. I’m beginning to think there must be some kind of quota on creatures an author has to use if they use any at all. Since all the books I can think of usually have more than one, and some have dozens!

  1. Lola

    I don’t think I ever heard of a Kul before, the only water creatures I know of are mermaids and Kelpie’s. I always find it interesting how many fantasy creatures there exist, it would be fun to see more books featuring those creatures whcih are less well known.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I’d love that! And not just because it would make my fantasy creature fridays easier. *laughs* Just you hardly ever hear about some creatures, and others (vampires, dragons, werewolves, I’m looking at you…) have all these books about them.

      Other water creatures I know about are Nixies, hippocampus, etc. If I can just remember the books I want to use for those two, you’ll most likely see fcf’s about them soon!

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