Fantasy Creature Friday – Mermaid!

June 26, 2015 Discussions 6

What is Fantasy Creature Friday? It’s a discussion where I will talk about a particular creature every week. And what book or book series I think of when that creature is mentioned. At the end of the post, you will also get to link up your own fantasy creature book reviews and discussions for others to wander through.

Thanks to Anya at On Star Ships And Dragon Wings for letting me borrow her ‘link your blog’ idea. She does a giveaway every Friday where you can win ARC’s and link up your reviews/discussions/giveaways. You should totally check it out after you’re done here!


This weeks creature is the:




Mermaids have the upper bodies of a human woman, and the tail of a fish. Some are said to have the tail of a dolphin, a shark, or a whale. They are sometimes associated with shipwrecks and drownings, especially of sailors. They are related to Sirens, and sometimes attributed with the mesmerizing song and other vocal powers that Sirens have.

Some say that mermaids both foretell of disaster, and provoke it. They can be a sign of rough weather approaching. They can also be beneficial however. If you do them a good turn, you may be rewarded with riches from the sea such as pearls or other treasure.

No one knows how long a mermaids life is. Some say they live hundreds or even thousands of years, and others say they are immortal. There are male mers, called mermen or sometimes tritons. They are said to be as handsome as mermaids are beautiful, though some accounts state that mermen are ugly and twisted of form.

I have read about mermaids in a few books, including: The Mermaid’s Sister and The Little Mermaid.


What is your favorite book with a mermaid in it? Have you heard of mermaids before?



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6 Responses to “Fantasy Creature Friday – Mermaid!”

  1. Lola

    I always have liked mermaids. The little mermaid was always one of my favourite disney movies, there was another mermaid movie that I loved as well, but can’t remember the name. The idea of being able to swim like that and live underwater just seemed cool to me.
    I haven’t read a lot of mermaid books so far though and the ones I did were just okay, so I have been hesistant to read more of them. I remember one mermaid books with sex scenes, which was just way weird and it just weirded me out imagining that.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      Mermaids have always been one of my favorite creatures as well. I can think of kids books I’ve read with mermaids in them, but not a lot of YA or adult. One I just finished (review scheduled for next month) is Everblue by Brenda Pandos. It was actually pretty good, and first in a series.

      I… can’t imagine reading a mermaid book with sex scenes. I think that would weird me out way too much to actually finish the book!

  2. Greg

    I’ve always liked merfolk stories- and I’d like to see more like Undertow, with undersea races that are a little dangerous. I haven’t read that one, but I’d like more stories with that kinda feel. Speaking of mermaids, we’ve been watching Mako Mermaids on Netflix, and loving it. It’s geared more for teens I guess, but it’s fun.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Haven’t heard of Undertow OR Mako Mermaids. I’ll have to check both out, thanks!

      I’ve always loved mermaids. Years ago I read a book about them where they had the tales of dolphins and sharks instead of fish. It was darker than normal mermaid stories, the merfolk had claws and were war-like. But I can’t for the life of me remember the name or author. If I remember, I’ll poke you. Might be the dangerous you’re looking for.

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