Fantasy Creature Friday – Puca!

May 22, 2015 Discussions 2

What is Fantasy Creature Friday? It’s a discussion where I will talk about a particular creature every week. And what book or book series I think of when that creature is mentioned. At the end of the post, you will also get to link up your own fantasy creature book reviews and discussions for others to wander through.

Thanks to Anya at On Star Ships And Dragon Wings for letting me borrow her ‘link your blog’ idea. She does a giveaway every Friday where you can win ARC’s and link up your reviews/discussions/giveaways. You should totally check it out after you’re done here!



This weeks fantasy creature is the:




Puca, also known as Pooka, Phouka, Phooka, and Puka, are Irish shape-changers. Their primary form is a black horse, but they can also be seen as black goats or black rabbits. When they take on human form, they either look like mostly normal humans, or humans with animal features such as ears or a tail.

They are known for bringing both good and bad luck, and will either help or hinder humans. Many Puca are seen with chains hung all about their horse-form. If a human rides a Puca, they are in for a wild ride. Unlike Kelpie’s however, they do their riders no real harm. Like most fae, iron will burn a Puca.

I’ve read about Puca in a few books. Besides Hawks Folley, I’ve also read about them in a few of the Xanth books by Piers Anthony, and the Merry Gentry books by Laurell K. Hamilton.


Have you read about Puca before? What is your favorite book with a Puca in it? Don’t forget to link up your reviews and discussions that have fantasy creatures in them!



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    • SilvaraWilde

      There was a Xanth book about pooka. And I’m currently drawing a blank on others. *laughs* I have an easier one I’m getting set up for this week. Though I did think Trolls were easy, so that might not be as easy as I think it is… *snickers*

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