Ghost to the Rescue (Bailey Ruth #6) by Carolyn Hart (review)

October 7, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal 2 ★★★½

I received this book for free from Berkley Prime Crime in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ghost to the Rescue (Bailey Ruth #6) by Carolyn Hart (review)Ghost to the Rescue (Bailey Ruth #6) by Carolyn Hart
Series: Bailey Ruth #6
Published by Berkley on October 6th 2015
Number of Pages: 288
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Fantasy, Paranormal
Source: Berkley Prime Crime
Format: Hardcover
Purchase: At Amazon

When you wish upon a star, you get…Bailey Ruth? You do if you’re a little girl whose mom needs help and you touch the soft heart of Supervisor Wiggins at Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions. Granted it’s not the usual task of an emissary, but then again Bailey Ruth is not your usual emissary. So Wiggins dispatches the spunky spirit to her old hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma, to help a single mother and struggling writer find some creative solutions to her problems.

Deidre Davenport is just about broke, trying to support her two children, and has her hopes pinned on getting a faculty job with the Goddard College English department. Jay Knox, who is in charge of the writer’s conference she’s participating in, will decide who gets the job, but he’s more interested in her body than her body of work.

Not long after his advances are rejected, Knox turns up dead—and Deirdre’s fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. Bailey Ruth knows Deirdre is innocent, and that the professor’s lewd behavior is bound to have rubbed others the wrong way. Now she must find out who really knocked off Knox...if Deirdre and her family are ever going to have a happy ending.

I’ve never read any books in this series before, and since this is the 6th book, I’m sure some things that puzzled me were explained in earlier books. Even at that, enough was explained that I didn’t need to have read the previous books before reading this one.

I found it interesting that as a ghost, Bailey Ruth still needed to eat, drink and sleep. This was explained towards the end of the book as having to do with the fact that since she was on a mission on Earth, she was subject to earthly fatigue. I’m guessing that means she was subject to hunger and thirst as well.

I liked getting to know all the characters. Often in mysteries some of the characters are more archetypes and don’t really have true personalities. While not all of the characters were super fleshed out, they were all more than just cardboard representations.

Bailey Ruth spends almost as much time worrying about what she’s going to wear for every appearance to mortals, as she does helping out Deidre. Okay, not really. But she does spend a lot of time describing her outfits, as well as what other characters are wearing.

I didn’t guess who the killer was, though it made perfect sense once you find out and the reasons why were totally understandable as well. There were a number of funny bits as Bailey Ruth tried to keep straight whom she had appeared to and as what alias. As well as all the times she appeared to Deidre and Deidre’s response to seeing the shifting/swirling colors as Bailey Ruth materialized.

If you haven’t read this series before, it’s a fun and interesting read. Something easy to get sucked into and with characters you can quickly become invested in.


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    • SilvaraWilde

      The publisher sent me book #5 in the series for review as well. But not until a week after I’d read this one! So that’s now on my TBR. This one was good enough I’ll read the other one as well, but it didn’t quite make my favorites list. Since you already have the series, you should try it! It was a cute read in some ways, and definitely funny.

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