Giveaways: When Do You Enter?

March 21, 2015 Discussions 13

I was reminded of a giveaway this afternoon, when the person e-mailed me telling me I’d won the ARC.

I don’t tend to keep track of which giveaways I’ve entered, most people e-mail you if you’ve won, so to cut down on needless clutter, I don’t bookmark the pages after entering. But then I tend to not remember that I’ve actually entered a giveaway. Which is fine, I’ve only won twice in the 6 months I’ve been blogging.

I don’t enter every giveaway I see, only ones for books I’d actually want to read and don’t have yet. And of course, for gift cards. *grins* Even when I was first starting out, I’d only enter if I actually thought I might want to read the book.

I’ve seen others comment that when they first started entering giveaways, they’d enter any they saw no matter what it was for. They just got so caught up in wanting to win something, they went for anything, even if it ended up not being a book they actually wanted to read.

I can understand that, it’s fun to win! And the excitement of getting an ARC (maybe your first ever?) would certainly add to the appeal. But I just can’t do it unless I actually want to read the book. I’d feel bad about taking it away from someone who actually wanted it if I won a book I didn’t care about. Plus it would just end up in my TBR Pile Of Doom, and if I wasn’t very attached, it might be years before I read and reviewed it.

So when I see a giveaway, I make myself read the book description. And then think about if I actually wanted to read it. If it sounds perfect for me, I’ll enter. If it sounds like I might like it, I enter. If I read the description and I’m all “meh… maybe…?” I skip it and move on to some other website. If I’m not sold on the description, but it’s an author I love? I’ll enter. It’s always possible the description isn’t all that great but the book is awesome!

And if it turns out that everyone I trust is telling me I have to read that book, but I missed out on the giveaway, I’ll buy it or borrow it from the library.


How do you all handle giveaways? Do you enter all of them? Just the ones in the genres you read? Only the books you think you’ll actually like? Or do you skip them all?

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13 Responses to “Giveaways: When Do You Enter?”

  1. Lola

    I am the same and I think it’s a great policy to have for giveaways to only enter them if you really want to read a book. Sometimes I enter giveaways for books that sound good, but which I might not read if I didn’t win, but usually I only enter the giveaway if I already want to read the book or after reading the description of the book decide I want to read it. I would feel bad entering and winning a giveaway that I didn’t really want to win and thus getting a prize someone else would’ve liked more.

    I don’t enter a lot of giveaways, but I do enter some. I don’t remember which giveaway I entered unless it’s a really special giveaway. Like signed copies of books by my favourite author. If I win I’ll hear about it, if not then I probably won’t be disapointed either as I already forgot about the giveway. And else I can be happy for the person that did win.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I don’t enter them often either. Both because I might not be interested in the book being given away, and also because I tend to forget to look and see if any giveaways are going on. *laughs* So the blogs I follow, I enter the giveaways if they’re announced. But if it’s just a banner, or on a blog I only occasionally visit, I tend to not even notice there is a giveaway going on.

      • SilvaraWilde

        I’d just feel bad if I won something and didn’t really care if I’d won, but someone else really wanted it, you know? Plus my TBR pile is already pretty huge, so if it’s a book I’m not instantly attracted to, it would be pointless to try for it just to have it added to the Pile of Doom.

  2. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Ohh, I like this discussion! I only enter for books I really want to read. If it is on my TBR already, then I will enter. Or if I read the synopsis and it is definitely a “me” book, I will enter. But otherwise, I don’t. Because I would hate to take the chance to read a book away from someone who REALLY wanted to win it! Plus, I just don’t have the time or energy to enter too many, honestly! So I am picky about the ones I do enter 😉
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I always forget which ones I’ve entered, when I actually enter them at all. Luckily both times I actually won, the other blogger e-mailed me!

      Nice to see so many people who only enter if they want the book offered. I see so many giveaways with thousands of entries, and it always makes me wonder if they all really wanted the book or if they just want to win something to win.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Isn’t it though? I love getting that “you won x-book!” e-mail! Usually I’ve forgotten I entered to win it at all, so it’s always this happy thrill. And then I have to go back and see what the book was about if it’s not an author/series I’m already familiar with.

  3. Ashley

    I’m along the same lines as everyone else. I only enter the ones that definitely interest me. Sometimes I find books to add to my TBR that way. I don’t always like to wait for the giveaways to end, so sometimes I just go buy it if I’m really interested in it. They can always pick another winner if I do win. It is fun to win though. A few weeks ago, I got three emails in one day telling me I was a winner!
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    • SilvaraWilde

      Wow! Three wins in one day? You must have been bouncing! *laughs* I’ve won twice in the 6 months I’ve been blogging, but I don’t tend to enter very many.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Lots more people seem to limit themselves than I had thought. Yay us! I’m always surprised when I do win something, considering how few giveaways I actually enter!

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