Hegira by Ela Lond (review)

April 26, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy 0 ★★★

Hegira by Ela Lond (review)Hegira by Ela Lond
Published by Amazon Digital Services on August 13 2012
Number of Pages: 36
Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Urban
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Format: eBook
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Amanda believed she was alone in the world and afraid of never being able to escape her uncle's greedy clutches, especially after he betrothed her to a complete stranger. But then three men burst into the house, interrupting the wedding, and take her away. The intruders call themselves Elementals, and she begins to rediscover her forgotten connection to them.

This is a fairly short story, that doesn’t appear to have a series. Which is sad because I was hoping there would be a longer book in this universe after I finished reading this. We’re introduced to Elementals, magic users who are born with a gift that allows them to control the elements.

James’ element is Water, he can make it rain and is able to tap into lakes, rivers, and streams. Amanda turns out to be a Lightning elemental, which is so rare, she is the only one they know of. We also meet Earth and Air elementals, and learn a little bit about how they live in below ground, secret places so normal humans don’t find out about them.

The main plot line doesn’t get resolved, and there are a few other minor threads that leave you wondering at the end as well. I did like reading this book, and had it been a series, I would have gone out and bought the next book. However, as I can find no hint as to there being more in this series, I can’t justify giving it a higher star rating. There’s too much left that I want to know and won’t be able to.


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