How Do You Interact With The Blogging Community?

June 20, 2015 Discussions 13

I know there have been a number of posts on similar topics, or aspects of this topic lately. Anything from Nicole’s post about Using Other Bloggers Affiliate Links when you buy stuff, to Shannon’s post What keeps you coming back to the same blogs? and all kinds of stuff in between.

But since each of us uses our own spin, and tackles bits and pieces others may not have touched on, I’m going to bring it up again. *grins*

Personally, I tend to interact the most by commenting on other blogs. (Which is one reason I love Nicole’s Discussion Challenge!) I always try to respond to comments left on my own blog of course, but I also have a core group of blogs I visit every week and try to comment on their posts as well. I even have a bookmarks folder labeled “Blogs To Comment On” for those blogs I don’t actively follow, or that I don’t visit every week. Usually people who have commented on my blog get added to that folder, but occasionally I’ll stumble across an interesting comment from a random blogger on some other blog and add them to it as well.

There are a few blogs I’d LOVE to comment on more. But they don’t have a good/easy way for me to do so. If I have to sign up with something in order to comment on your blog, I’m likely to skip commenting. No matter how much I might have to say on a particular topic. I don’t like being ‘forced’ to use Google+ in order to comment, so I avoid those blogs who use that as an exclusive comment system. I also am not fond of Disqus. It’s burned me one too many times by eating comments when I try to submit them. It also forces people to sign up to use it.

I use Twitter to link to posts I’ve made, as well as tweet or re-tweet posts from other blogger friends. I have a few people I talk to on there, but mostly I don’t tend to talk to lots of people. This would be because only a few people ever respond to me even if I’m commenting on something they asked about. And because trying to sort your thoughts into something coherent in only 140 characters doesn’t always work well! *laughs*

I have a weekly link up where people can link reviews they’ve done that had a fantasy creature in them (doesn’t have to be a major character). I also have fun submitting posts from other blogs to places like StumbleUpon to get more traffic for them.

I also try to remember to click through affiliate links before I buy anything at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If I’m buying it anyway, why shouldn’t my friends get the credit (and the money!) for it? Especially as I tend to buy things way too often at Amazon…

Sometimes I randomly decide to reach out and poke people via e-mail as well. But I tend to babble. As I’m SURE you’ve noticed by now. (Really. If you think my discussion posts are rambly and a mile long, you should see my e-mails! My poor, poor friends…) Luckily no one seems to mind my mad babblings and the rambling notes of Doom! Or at least, I haven’t heard about it if they DO mind.

I have the feeling I’m forgetting a way or two that I interact… but if it was important, or I did it often enough, I’d remember right?


So how do you interact with other bloggers? Do you have one or two favorite methods? Do you dabble in all of them? Do you talk to anyone and everyone until they run away screaming? Or are you a hermit who hides away and only rarely comes out of their blog-space?

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13 Responses to “How Do You Interact With The Blogging Community?”

  1. Lola

    My most frequent way of interacting with other bloggers is also through commenting. I try to reply to every comment on my blog and comment back. I also am part of a few facebook groups where I interact with other bloggers and sometimes on twitter, although I often find it more difficult to interact on social media, although groups, reading challenges or twitter chats can make it easier.

    I have a google+ account, so I don’t mind sites who use that. Never had issues with disqus either. I have heard a few other bloggers mentioning issues with specific comment systems. I have had a few times when my comment disapeared, but it happens sporadically luckily.

    I mostly follow blogs through bloglovin and when I am done with the other priorities for the day I usually check out a few posts in my bloglovin feed. I usually just scroll through it, until a post catches my attention like this one :).

    I don’t often buy things through amazon as they don’t accept paypal as a payment method and I don’t have a credit card, I did have a gift card recently and I forgot to click affiliate links before buying. I think it’s a nice thing to do and it doesn’t costs you anything, so why not help another blogger. I think it’s great you usually click on affiliate links before buying. I don’t use affiliate links myself, but I know a lot of bloggers who do. Great post!
    Lola recently posted…Review: Havoc by Autumn GreyMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I never really got around to doing Facebook groups. I’m in a bloggers group on GoodReads, but I’ve been considering leaving it due to the amount of e-mails I get from the moderator. I’m sure the others in the group don’t consider it spam, but it’s been irritating me that I get e-mailed a few times a week about stuff I don’t care about.

      I have a Google+ account, I just don’t use it in conjunction with my blog. I probably should, but I don’t want to, and haven’t actually used it in something like 2-3 years.

      I’ve been part of the Amazon affiliate program since 1996. So I guess it’s 2nd nature by now to check and see if people I know are also affiliates and use their links. *grins* Plus I’ve been an Amazon addict for at least as long as I’ve been an affiliate. I worked it up years ago that the amount I spent on shipping each year was more than it cost to be a Prime member. So I’ve been a Prime member ever since!

    • SilvaraWilde

      Thinking about it, commenting is mostly how I tend to interact. I do submit to Stumbleupon, and tweet about posts I really like. But commenting is the thing I do the most of, and the thing I’m most likely not to get distracted from doing!

      As far as poking other bloggers and telling them why I’m not commenting on their posts… I don’t think I could do that. *laughs* I’d feel too embarrassed or like I was being demanding. I’d rather poke them to let them know something is broken on their site, or just to poke them because I liked something.

    • SilvaraWilde

      My favorites are the Name/URL option comment form things. But honestly, as long as it’s something easy to use and that doesn’t force you to pick a particular ‘sign in to comment’ that I don’t have/want to use, I’m happy.

  2. Cayt

    Commenting is my biggest way of interacting as well. I’m a little bad about getting back to people quickly on my own blog, since I’m busy, but i try to reply to everyone. And I love to visit blogs and comment. I agree about discussion posts. They are perfect for interacting with people. It’s a lot easier to talk about some topic than to reply to reviews of books I haven’t read yet. I have a huge list of blogs that i visit regularly and I usually just comment on whatever strikes me fancy at any given moment.

    I also try to talk to people on Twitter but it moves a little fast for me. I reply and retweet people but I need to be on there more often to really get involved in the Twitter chats and stuff that people do.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’ve never tried a Twitter Chat. They sound like they’d be fun, but my work schedule is different every week. And I’m usually working during the ones I would have wanted to join in on!

      I hardly ever comment on book reviews. If I’ve read the book I will, but if I haven’t I don’t always have much to say.

  3. Elizabeth

    My biggest way of interacting is also commenting. I visit many blogs daily via Bloglovin’, and people who visit me almost always get a visit. If a comment is from a person I’m not familiar with, I definitely go visit. If it’s a regular visitor and I have nothing to say, I may not.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      I always feel a little bad if it’s a new visitor, and I go to their blog and can’t see anything I want to comment on. Those are usually the times I do something else like tweet one of their posts or submit to Stumbleupon. But I figure no comment is better than “good post.” or “thanks for visiting me.” *laughs*

  4. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Commenting is definitely my most common interaction with other bloggers – I especially love commenting on these discussions and I’m glad you love it too!! I also use Twitter occasionally. I really need to get better about using StumbleUpon because it really helped me that one time you did it for me!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…The Six by Mark Alpert – ReviewMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’ve been slacking with Stumbleupon lately. Will get back into using it for my posts, and my friends posts this week. *laughs* It really helps things when more than one person thumbs up a site. But even just one person doing it will help a bit.

      I love commenting on other blogs. But then I’m kind of a babbling chatterbox, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. And since I now have even MORE excuses to do this because of your Challenge, I can be babbly will all kinds of new people! *laughs*

      Not that I ever mind the comments, but I thought you were on vacation! Go! Have fun! Comment replies can wait until you are back and not doing the fun family stuffs!

  5. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Ha! Yes, you’re right – my husband laughed at me because he worked today and I spent the day catching up on discussion posts and comments. (It was rainy here, so we really couldn’t do much else anyway – I did play some games with the kids, though). I just feel so behind when I’m gone from my blog for so long! I’m ridiculous, I know!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…The Six by Mark Alpert – ReviewMy Profile

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