I Fell Off The Wagon Again…

July 25, 2015 Discussions 17

I did it again. You see, I had finally gotten my TBR piles down to a more reasonable size. My ebooks were down to 400-ish (they used to be closer to 900!), and my physical shelf was down to about 20-22 (It used to be around 35-ish?)

And so I’m guessing you can already see what happened here. I won a few giveaways, so added 3 books to the physical shelf. And then I realized that one of those books was book 3 in a series I did not own. (And no, I hadn’t realized that when I entered. The giveaway didn’t state that and I didn’t look the book up!) So I had to buy the first 2 books. And then one of the other two books I had won was book 2 in a series I had meant to start but hadn’t. And I had to buy book 1 in order to start it.

Still not that bad right? Only 6 more books. WELL… As long as I was buying one book, I figured I might as well pick up the next book in a series I do read, makes more sense to buy more than one book at at time, right? 5 books later… And then I got an e-mail from Penguin asking me to read and review this e-book. So I grabbed that book. And then after I finished reviewing that book and sent the feedback in, I went poking through Netgalley to see what new books they had in my genres.

Saw one that looked good, but was 3rd in a series I hadn’t heard of. (See the pattern here??) So I went to GoodReads and looked up the first book. It looked good too! I was all, “It usually takes a few days to a week or more before the approval comes through. I can read the first book in that time easy! And then I can grab book #2 and read it before the ARC if of course I GET the ARC. Since that isn’t published til the end of next month!” So I hit the Request Button…

30 minutes later I was now the ‘owner’ of that ARC. Fastest acceptance in history (for me!). Okay, so that’s fine. I’ll just go ahead and start reading book #1 since I just finished my current eBook. And as soon as I have that book finished, I’ll read the 2nd one and then pick something else so I don’t burn out on the series.

That was Wednesday. Today? I got two notifications from the library that 2 books were now ready for me to read. (And I need to read them since it took over a month and a half for me to GET them, there were so many holds on the books!) And I only have 2 weeks to do that in. Plus read book #2 and the ARC series…

I’m not really complaining mind you. It’s just funny to me. I get my TBR piles to a more manageable size, and lo and behold, it’s suddenly raining books! My physical shelf is now sitting back up near 30 books, and all those eBooks I ‘had’ to get… *laughs*

Anyone want to join TBR Piles Anonymous with me? It’ll be fun! You’ll get chased down the street by books all trying to be read in the same short time-span! Don’t mind that pile over there, it already belongs to you. Really. *patented wide-eyed innocent look*


How often has this happened to you? Have you ever had a ‘small’ TBR pile? Ever requested an ARC in a series you hadn’t started thinking you’d have plenty of time to read the first books before the ARC arrived?

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17 Responses to “I Fell Off The Wagon Again…”

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’d start with deleting the ones you don’t want to see. That’s how I went through mine. If I looked at it and knew there was no chance I was ever reading it, it got the boot. If I read the blurb, and it didn’t sound good anymore, it got the boot. Anything that might be still interesting, or that I knew I wanted to read, was kept. And if I wasn’t sure, I skipped it for the next purge… which might take me another 4 years to actually do! *laughs*

      • SilvaraWilde

        Yay! Hope that helped cut your TBR pile down some. And since you made a list of them, you can go back later if you change your mind. I didn’t make a list of what didn’t make the cut, so it would be harder for me to weed through them. But hopefully I won’t get the urge to do so, since the whole idea was to have LESS of them. *laughs*

  1. Karen Blue

    In the beginning of book blogging I did have my TBRunder control. Now I am lucky if I don’t have three releases or tours to do a week. I try to post on or before the release date, it is almost impossible with everything I request. Right now my goal is just to keep my NetGalley at 80% or better. (it is 81% right now) I am almost sad that Edelweiss doesn’t have a rating system, I need it to keep me in check.
    I recently won End of Days, which is book 3 in the Angelfall series. So now I need to get the first two, not sure when I will get around to reading all those.
    Karen Blue recently posted…The Sunday Post #45- I’m sick and tiredMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’ve got a months worth of scheduled reviews. So when I end up with an ARC, I just shuffle the non-ARCs around so I can put the ARC review in before the release date. But it seems like ALL THE BOOKS are coming out in August at the moment! *laughs* I have 6 scheduled for that month already.

      I’m glad I don’t do tours, cover reveals, or anything else that would have me running around like a headless chicken. (Because, I so would be!) I was so proud of myself for shrinking the piles, and then I went on a book spree. *laughs*

  2. Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

    Haha oh man I know your pain! I have the problem that when I’m ordering books online I always want to get the free shipping and/or make the shipping count as long as I’m ordering one, so I go looking for other things I want and then can’t decide between several so I just get them all >.>
    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings recently posted…Updates from the Lair 7/26/15My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I have Amazon Prime, so most of the books I buy have free 2-day shipping. I just feel silly buying one item at a time. It seems like it would be better to buy a few things at once. And this is what gets me in trouble every time.

      Got me in huge trouble when I used to live near a brick-and-mortar bookstore too. I’d go in for one or two specific books, and come out with a huge stack! This would also be why one room in my house is pretty much a library. 13 bookshelves and counting (7 nearly floor-to-ceiling ones!)

  3. Elizabeth

    I don’t buy books, so it’s not a problem for me, but I have whittled down the TBR of ARCs only to have it grow, seemingly on its own, overnight. I’ve gotten some ARCs and prizes that were second in a series and I get the first from the library. Once I got one that was like 5th, didn’t know it until I was partially in. It was a mystery, so it didn’t mess up the story, I just didn’t have the background on the characters.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Review: Storm RisingMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      It would drive me nuts to realize I was reading a 5th in a series, and hadn’t read any of the others! Glad it didn’t spoil things too much for you though.

      I’ve gotten quite a few 2nd-in-a-series ARCs without realizing it. Luckily, most of them had enough context that I didn’t have to have read book 1. And for all the ones I liked, I went back and got the first books at the library or used bookstores later. I’m horrible about having to have a complete series if I liked the book(s) at all.

    • SilvaraWilde

      It’s like that snake game that I can never win. The one where you guide it around eating things and it just keeps getting longer and longer until it hits itself and dies? TBR piles are totally like that. Except instead of dying, they take over.

  4. C.J. @ebookclassics

    I feel your pain. A whole bunch of library came in over the last few days and I will probably have to send most of them back because I have too many ARCs to read. I should stop putting them on hold, but I can’t help myself!
    C.J. @ebookclassics recently posted…Captive by Claudine DumontMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I managed to finish one of the library books, and I’m halfway through one of the ARCs I need to read. It’s just not keeping my attention as well as I’d hoped though, so I may switch to another library book… *laughs*

      And I shouldn’t have as many holds out as I do, but if I don’t get on the lists I’ll never get to read the books as I can’t justify paying $10-15 for an ebook. (And some of my holds have 22 other people ahead of me!)

  5. Tiffany

    This right here has been my problem for the past year or so. I originally joined Goodreads so I could list books I wanted to buy the next time I went book shopping, because I was always misplacing my book list. My TBR has now grown to 494 books long. It’s ridiculous! This is partly because I get recommended books and then don’t realize it’s not the first in the series, so I add the 1st book, but then realize I like it and have to read the entire series. Those books are never added to my TBR. THEN, I see books in the store, on blogs, or Amazon/B&N/iBooks, and end up adding them.

    Now with ARCs, I get even further behind reading my TBR or books I’ve actually bought that linger on my iPad. This is why I stopped requesting books from the library. They would download to Overdrive, and I would always be in the middle of books, and end up losing them after waiting weeks for them. My goal for the rest of the year is to empty my iPad & bookshelf of the majority of unread books I own.
    Tiffany recently posted…Cover Reveal: The Divide (Dreamland Series) by E. J. MellowMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I have heard that if you turn off your wifi after downloading library ebooks, they stay on your device until you turn the wifi back on. So that might be an option if you still request the library books.

      I also get into trouble when I see all my friends reviewing books I haven’t requested and they sound good. So I have to add them to my list of books to pick up. And then if I go to the bookstore, all the pretty covers catch my attention and I end up with this huge stack when I only went in for one or two. So I totally feel your pain!

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