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Borrowing this from the ladies at Readers in Wonderland. It looked like a more fun way to do an ‘about me’ than the standard page. Though for the standard stuff, I’m a 36 year old (soon to be 37, end of December) blonde, short (4’11”) California girl who is living in Texas.

So, when I’m not reading? I’m a gaming addict, both on my phone, my computer and my DS. My current addictions are:





Dragon Island Blue Game




Dragon Island Blue.

It’s kind of like Pokemon, there are 200 monsters you can catch and combine as well as evolve. You start out with a single dragon (water, fire, earth or air), and using the hatchling you go out and do battle with other monsters. You have 1 chance per monster per battle to capture it. If you fail the capture, the only thing you can do is kill it. As you gain levels, you can have more monsters on your team.

You also have missions in each town. When you complete the missions, you get coins and sometimes items. There are also dungeons to explore, and the chance of getting rarer monsters and treasure. It’s a lot of fun, and the only game I’ve spent actual money on. Usually I only go for the free games for my phone, but this one was worth the $0.99


Best Fiends. It’s basically a connecting puzzle game, but has a twist. You can also collect different bugs and evolve them as you play. Each bug is associated with one of 5 colors, and you get more points for the gem colors you have bugs for. (So if you only have one of the green bugs, and no other bugs, the green leaves will give you more kick in the battles than the other colors.) I don’t describe it very well, but it’s fun to play!

I have a lot of other games on my phone, but most I haven’t played lately. So those are my 2 current phone-game addictions.


Computer Games:


I’m a Sims addict. I have every expansion for the Sims 1, most of the ones for the Sims 2, and a handful for the Sims 3. I also bought the Sims 4 when it came out, can’t wait to see what kind of expansions we get to play with for it. My favorite expansion pack for Sims 3 was Supernatural. I spent SO MUCH time playing that one! It had by far, the most replay value for me. I really wanted to like Seasons, since I enjoyed it a lot in Sims 2. But there were just too many bugs for me to like it. None of my Sims ever had issues with sunburns or heatstroke, they didn’t even really notice the cold all that much either. And those were supposed to be major game-play things.


I also play Lord of the Rings Online. Beta tested it twice (once before it ever went live, and again when they were working out the free-to-play kinks), and am a Lifetime account. I haven’t played it lately, mostly because once I start I get sucked in and will play for hours. And I’ve been trying to focus on books more! But it has a gorgeous world, and I mean that, I don’t usually use the word ‘gorgeous’ as I feel it’s over-used for lots of things. But you have got to see this world! The grass is super detailed, and waves in the wind. There are flowers dotted around like real fields. Trees are textured and look real, shadows are realistic, the forest near Bree that is full of scary things is actually dark and gloomy. The music is really good as well. And it’s a super easy MMO to learn. I’m most likely biased as it was the first MMO I’d ever played, but I’ve tried WOW and Star Wars, the super hero one I can’t think of the name of that has since ended, and a few others. None of them compare to LOTRO. If you haven’t tried it yet, go do so!


Got into Skyrim earlier this year as well. I hadn’t realized until then that it was for the computer as well as consoles. It’s been fun, though I’ve had to restart twice due to bugs. So I’m not very far into it, but I did go ahead and pick up all 3 expansions since there was a sale going on at the time. I’m loving Hearthfire, and added a mod that lets me have more than 2 children. I just felt so bad for some of them wandering in the towns with nowhere to live. My favorite of the houses you can buy so far, is Hjerim in Windhelm. It’s an interesting quest line, and you don’t have to be real high level or kill lots of monsters to get it. It’s also fairly large for a starter home, much bigger than the one you can buy in Whiterun.

If you’re like me, and get twisted around, or easily confused in the beginning montage of scenes, I would highly recommend adding the mod (PC only I believe…sorry!) “Alternate Start – Live Another Life”. It lets you bypass the dragon attack, and start in an area of your choosing from a list. I tend to start as the owner of Breezehome in Whiterun as there is lots to do in that area and having a home as your base right away is very useful. I get all my mods from here: Nexus Mods


Nintendo DS:


I haven’t played most of these lately, but my favorites are Animal Crossing (old and newest ones), Princess Debute, Pop Cutie, Tinkerbell (the Disney Fairies with the green cover), and the Sims Castaway.


Online Games:

I’m a virtual pet addict, and have been for years. My favorite is Ponyisland I’ve been playing there for almost 10 years now. They just did a make-over recently, so it looks more little kiddish. But it isn’t really, there’s a lot that you can do there. Breeding ponies, buying and selling ponies and items, chatting on the forums, contesting and questing. It also teaches you basic genetics and money-management. Your ponies come in millions of colors for body, hair, eyes, 2nd hair (for hair genes), and 2 extra colors that show up in the genes you pick on creation for starters, or breed into your ponies for all other types. The community is wonderful, I haven’t found such a good group of players on any other game, and is one of the reasons I’ve played so long. I’m SilvaraWilde there, feel free to look me up and poke at me.

Flight RisingFlight Rising. It’s still in beta testing, has been for over a year. So it isn’t always open for sign-ups. But if you happen to get in, or already play, look me up! I’m SilvaraWilde there and am happy to help out with any questions you may have.

This is a breeding game of course, and it centers around dragons! There are many different kinds to collect, all with different colors and genes. You can also play games for gold to use in the game, battle monsters and win loot and familiars (basically pets for your dragons that give you daily gold when clicked on). I haven’t played here long, but it looked like fun and I’m glad I joined.

And the final game I’ve been playing online lately is:

Fay-Sim. I found it a few years ago and then forgot about it. Found it again in the middle of November. It’s a virtual fairy sim where you can adopt a fairy, fight with other fairies and evil fairies, have a fairy baby (up to twice with each fairy you own and no more than that), play daily games for in-game currency to spend on taking care of your fairy and his or her tree. There are also random events, as you explore the site you get a chance for an event to appear at the top of the screen.

You might get food, currency, items, or just a little message from your fairy. It’s a cute game, and while it doesn’t keep me as busy as the other two games I’ve mentioned, I like it enough to stop by once a day and play. Not many people seem to have heard about it, so the community is quite small. Kinda sad because the idea is fun, and the admin have lots of things planned for the game if they can get more players.




When I’m not gaming, I love to paint ceramic figurines. They’re all packed away at the moment, we moved a few months ago and I don’t currently have a good spot to unpack them or a table to paint them on. But when I do, I’ll most likely end up making an Instagram account to show them off on. I like doing fantasy creatures like unicorns and fairies, dragons of course. But I also like painting angels as well as realistic animals. So pretty much whatever catches my fancy at the time. Since I don’t live anywhere near a store I can browse through I buy all my ceramics online at R & R Ceramics which is in Arkansas. I’ve loved every piece I got from them, and they pack really well, nothing has ever been broken or chipped or cracked.


Finally, pets:


I have a twelve-year-old siamese mix that is queen of the house. I lost her litter mate 2 years ago to cancer, and still miss her dearly. Kaylynn was my favorite and my baby, but I’m grateful I still have Miles.


Yes, Miles is a girl. *grins* But her personality as a kitten was so much like Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Barrayar universe, there was no other name I could possibly give her but Miles. She is polydactyl, which means she has extra toes on every paw. She has 5 on each back paw instead of the usual four, and 2 extra on each front paw. Except her right only has 1 extra, I had to get one removed a few years back as it was growing into her paw pad no matter what I did. She’s also a dilute tortie, hard to tell in most pictures of her as the flash dilutes the colors even more.

I love Miles, but she is such a brat. If she gets in trouble for something, she slits her eyes and glares at you while her tail lashes back and forth and puffs out. If she’s close enough, she swats at me like she can’t believe I yelled at her. Though if I yell at other cats in the house for being naughty, and they don’t stop doing whatever it is, Miles will race up to them and smack them across the head with her paw! So I guess she thinks everyone but her should listen to me.

I also have fish tanks, none of which are set up at the moment. But at some point they will be again. I have a 90-gallon, 2 55-gallons, and a 20-gallon. I’ve wanted a black ghost knife fish for years, but never lived anywhere with good enough water to keep them. Haven’t tested the water here, but I’m not holding my breath on it being decent for knife fish. I do freshwater tanks, was considering a reef tank for one of my 55’s, but saltwater is so expensive I haven’t made my mind up about it yet.

So, what do you do when you aren’t reading?

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