Jaclyn’s Ghost by Dorlana Vann (review)

July 5, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal 0 ★★★½

Jaclyn’s Ghost by Dorlana Vann (review)Jaclyn's Ghost by Dorlana Vann
Published by Pixie Punk Press on January 28th 2011
Number of Pages: 163
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal
Source: Purchased
Format: eBook
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Ghosts, Mystery, and Fashion. Can this diva solve her own murder, or will she be stuck in limbo forever?

After recovering from the shock of seeing her own dead body, (still dressed to kill from last night's party) fashion model, Jaclyn Jade, discovers she's a ghost with a choice. She can either immediately go back to Hell, do nothing and stay in limbo, or find the reason she fell short of grace and advance to Heaven.

Because she was murdered, Jaclyn hopes that finding her killer will unravel this mystery. With the help of a timid closet-psychic who can speak to the dead, and a handsome, yet arrogant, ghost of a man from the roaring 20s, her search for answers initiates a quirky journey of self-discovery. Personalities, eras, and worlds collide as this mismatched trio race against time to solve the mystery of Jaclyn's Ghost.

I loved the idea that ‘Hell’ isn’t the usual place most people think of. ‘Hell’ is actually your life on Earth. So when you die, if you don’t go to Heaven, your choice is to basically be reincarnated to learn lessons you didn’t manage to learn in the last life, or remain a ghost forever.

Jaclyn gets one more choice than the usual two, she is given 48 hours to find out who killed her and why. And if she manages to do so, she gets to go to Heaven. If she fails, she is condemned to remain a ghost forever.

I didn’t like her or Logan a lot at first. Jaclyn is extremely shallow and a bit of a whiny brat. But she grows up a lot during this story. I quite liked her by the end. Logan and Morgan were interesting characters as well, but most of the rest of the cast seemed to be fairly minor background characters. Not a lot of depth to them.

The end was a bit flat to me. It was both bittersweet, and left you hanging a bit. I wanted to know what happened to the rest of the characters, and Jaclyn as well.

The mystery was good, lots of twists and turns and unexpected things happening. So if you like mysteries, and don’t mind a bit of paranormal mixed in, you should check this book out.


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