Loot Crate – April Fantasy Edition

April 21, 2015 Loot Crate 0

I keep hearing good things about Loot Crate, so when I found out that April’s crate would be Fantasy themed, I went to the website to see what all might be in it. I was thrilled to see it was going to be Princess Bride, D&D, and Harry Potter themed!

So I signed up just for the month to see if I actually liked what would come in my box. There were a few items I don’t see me ever using, mostly the Game of Thrones magnets and the D&D pin. But most of the rest of it was pretty cool. This is what came in the box:


D&D Shirt

A Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt. The fire-breathing dragon makes the & symbol!


Game Of Thrones Magnets

5 Game of Thrones Magnets (should I admit I still haven’t read this series, or seen the show??) A Harry Potter 9 3/4 Luggage Tag (it’s rubber and larger than my palm.) A weird bow-tie. It’s D&D themed in that the images show a D20 and a little dragon figure.


Game Of Thrones USB

A D&D themed pin, and a Game of Thrones wolf flash drive. The edges of the drive are a little sharp, but it’s neat looking so I don’t mind so much.


Princess Bride Crown

An inflatable plastic crown, it’s gold outside and white inside. And a deck of Princess Bride themed playing cards.


Princess Bride Cards

The Princess Bride cards out of the box. I couldn’t fit the normal suits in the shot without the pictures being too tiny to see. The 2nd Joker is a ROUS!


Loot Crate Magazine

A fantasy themed magazine, tells you a little bit about the items in the box, and has a few other things inside. And finally…


Loot Crate Box

The box it all came in. So not really a bad haul, I’m most excited about the playing cards. The crown is cute, though I’ve no idea what I’ll ever use it for. I may never use the flash drive, but I like it, and if the shirt fits, I’m sure to wear it. It looked kinda smaller than the tag claims though so we’ll see.


Has anyone else tried Loot Crate? Were you happy or not? I most likely won’t get them often, if ever again. But I couldn’t pass up at least trying it once, and the theme sure helped!

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