Lord Demon’s Delight (Demons of Dunmore #1) by Gia Dawn (review)

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Lord Demon’s Delight (Demons of Dunmore #1) by Gia Dawn (review)Lord Demon's Delight by Gia Dawn
Published by Samhain Publishing, Limited on January 23, 2007
Number of Pages: 236
Genres: Erotica, Fantasy, Romance
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Format: eBook
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When she bargained with the devil of her dreams, they both found their heart's delight.


Lady Jessaline Nolan is as stubborn as her fiery red hair implies; thwarting her father's wishes every chance she gets. The day of her impending forced marriage proves no exception. She swears she would rather marry a Demon of Dunmore than the man her father has chosen.

Lord Llewellyn Dunmore is happily unwed, as the men in his lineage have remained for generations. It's become a family tradition. But he is drawn to the beautiful damsel in distress and agrees to save her on one condition-that she willingly succumb to his every sensual demand. To his utter surprise, she agrees.

While Jessaline's father schemes to bring her back by any means necessary, Jessaline and Llewellyn spend their nights in decadent delight and three rather cranky fairy-godmothers lend their magical help to the lovers. Darker secrets lurk, however, as well as a shadowy past that Jessaline is unaware of. Can the new love between Jessaline and Llewellyn survive when confronted with hidden truths?

I expected more fantasy than I got. It read like a normal romance book, with every now and then an appearance from what I’m guessing are Fae or Godmother types. These aren’t really explained well, what they are or anything. And ‘Lord Demon’ isn’t a demon at all.

For all that, I did enjoy it. I liked how spirited Jessaline was, and how she seemed to stay true to character. Llewellen and his brothers were fun to read about, and fairly well fleshed out for a romance book. There are a number of fairly explicit sex scenes in the book. So if that bothers you, you’ll want to skip reading this book.

As it’s the first in a series, I’m kind of curious about what the other books will be about. And if they will have more of the fantasy that was missing from this book. There were a number of amusing bits in this book, from the three Fae who watch over Jess, to Jess herself.

If you like romance, and want a fun read that you can lose yourself in, I would recommend this book.


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