Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series) by Marie Hall (review)

December 2, 2014 All Reviews, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance 0 ★★★

Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom Series) by Marie Hall (review)Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall
Published by Marie Hall on December 2nd, 2013
Number of Pages: 137
Genres: Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
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Format: eBook
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Alice is all grown up. Running the Mad Hatter's Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe is a delicious job, until fate--and a fairy godmother with a weakness for bad boys--throws her a curveball. Now, Alice is the newest resident of Wonderland, where the Mad Hatter fuels her fantasies and thrills her body with his dark touch.

The Mad Hatter may have a voice and a body made for sex, but he takes no lovers. Ever. But a determined fairy godmother has forced Alice into Wonderland--and his arms. Now, as desire and madness converge, the Hatter must decide if he will fight the fairy godmother's mating--or fight for Alice.


“Danika worked for the bad boys of Kingdom. The degenerates; low lives, and naughty villains.”

Alice is obsessed with the Mad Hatter from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ books, and even more so when Johnny Depp plays him on the big screen. She has clocks in her room with characters from the book painted on their faces, and quotes the book often. So when she unexpectedly finds herself in Wonderland and meeting the Mad Hatter, you expect her to be thrilled or at least happy.

Instead, suddenly she starts remembering she has met him before as a child. And then she gets out of proportionately angry at his treatment of her.

I liked how she portrayed the Hatter, his moods bouncing and twisting from one to the next. And since you were in his head as well as Alice’s, you could see exactly why he was acting the way he was. Honestly, I liked the Hatter better than I liked Alice. He was a more real person, with the madness pressing in on him and the occasional clear thought peeking through.

Alice on the other hand… seemed rather forced. Alice was in love with the Hatter before she went to Wonderland. Then because he wasn’t nice to her, she decided to hate him. As I said, way out of proportion to what he actually did. But at the same time, she wanted him to touch her and kiss her and more. But she hated him! But she loved him as a child! But! But! It just felt kind of contrived to me, in the way the bad romance books the used bookstores give away free do. It did get better, but not until about half-way through the book. Alice finally stopped hating the Hatter, and it was just all about her reacting to his moods. As well as falling more in love. All this happened over the course of 3 days in Wonderland.

I did like the twist where Alice is Asian, instead of the blonde and blue eyed girl we’re all used to reading about. And her tea shop and cupcakery in the beginning of the book was rather adorable. I also like Danika, she seemed like a fun fairy godmother. And her inner monologue about the princesses her fellow godmothers look after was very funny!

Over-all, it wasn’t a BAD book, it just didn’t do anything for me. Others may like it more, especially if they don’t care about detailed plot and relationship build-up. If all you’re looking for is a light no-thinking read, this one would be perfect.


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