How Many Blogs Do You Follow?

January 31, 2015 Discussions 13

I follow about 9-ish blogs. Most are other book bloggers, 2 are blogs written by parents about their children (no one I know IRL.)

For all of the blogs I follow and actually care about updates for, I subscribe to them via e-mail. Yes, that adds to the clutter in my inbox, of which I have a ton, even before I became a blogger myself! But I can be so scattered that I’ll forget if I’ve visited a favorite blog that day, and sometimes won’t have time to actually visit any of them. So e-mail subscriptions help me remember to check out the posts when I do have the time.

I know this is a crazy concept to certain friends who shall remain nameless. *snickers* But it works really well for me. I follow my favorites on Twitter as well, but there’s so many tweets during a given day I’m always missing stuff. I just went through and did a clear-out of the people I’m following that way this past week.

Anyone who posted 50-million tweets about whatever game they’re currently playing (IE:) “So-and-so just made 50 gold!” “So-and-So just leveled up!” got the boot. Anyone who I didn’t actually interact with, and whose Tweets no longer kept my attention got the boot. I try to keep my numbers manageable. So 100 or less, otherwise I miss too much stuff I might have actually wanted to read and comment about.

My favorite blogs don’t always have things in common. Some of them are blogs that I’m now friends with the blog owner. But they were favorites of mine before I actually started poking the owners and making friends with them. Not all of them have the best/most interesting design. But with all of them, I really liked the ‘voice’ that was used by the owner. The way he or she wrote their posts.

Some of them review books I am not the least bit interested in. But I love the discussions, or the tips and tricks, the insights I get about the blog owner.

And I got to thinking, how many blogs are you guys subscribed to? How are you subscribed to them? What makes you keep going back to those particular blogs? Why are they your favorites?

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13 Responses to “How Many Blogs Do You Follow?”

    • SilvaraWilde

      I guess I just haven’t gotten into RSS feeds, or Bloglovin. I like going to the actual posts and reading them on the site. But everyone should know by this point that I’m crazy. *nods*

  1. Lola

    I think I follow about 50-100 blogs, I have no idea how I can easily see which blogs I follow. I follow blogs using bloglovin and there are probably some blogs I follow that are no longer active. Some blogs I follow because they read the same books as me, some blogs I follow because I like their voice or because they have great discussiion or other type of posts. Most of my favourite blogs are a combination of those 3 points, I like their blog/ voice, they read some of the same books as me and have great posts.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Walking Shadow by Emma L AdamsMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      50-100?? If I followed that many, I’d never have time to read books! *laughs* You must read blogs quicker than I do, or maybe they don’t all post daily. That’s still a ton of blogs though, good on you for being able to keep up with them all and blog too!

      • Lola

        Well I guess it does cut into your reading time, but it’s also one of the things that make blogging fun. They don’t all post daily so that helps, but some posts more then once a day as well.
        If possible I spend one or two hours each day blog commenting, so yeah it takes a lot of time to keep up.
        Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #111My Profile

  2. Jamie

    How many blogs I follow greatly varies on what following is. Like you, my priority blogs I follow via email. I think I follow 13-14 blogs this way. These are those I am most loyal to and stop by regularly. I also use Bloglovin and GFC for alternative blogs. I actually need to clean these up. I am “following” way too many there. I want to get that down to less than 50 each. Bloglovin I try to go through weekly and see what jumps out at me. GFC maybe 1-2 times a month. Twitter is just a mess I need to clean out as well but that will always be a higher level since my purpose of twitter is a bit more eccentric and is not focused on blog following so much.
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    • SilvaraWilde

      Only maybe a quarter of the people I follow on twitter are fellow bloggers. Everyone else I started following because they were friends, or I liked their tweets. So I’m constantly pruning twitter as I realize that some of the people I no longer am interested in, or have changed their tweets to topics I don’t care about.

      I don’t actually use Bloglovin, even though I signed up so I could offer it as a subscription option to my followers. Maybe I’ll give it a try one of these days. Not sure what GFC is (though I’m sure it’ll end up being a ‘duh’ moment when I find out what it stands for!)

      Most of my blog-friends are always so surprised when they find out I subscribe via e-mail to my favorites. I was beginning to think only strictly-readers did that, given that no one else I know does it! *laughs* Good to know other bloggers do too.

  3. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I follow A LOT of blogs – like hundreds. But, of course, I don’t read every post from all of those blogs every day. I just go through my Bloglovin’ feed and read what catches my eye. The blogs I REALLY care about I follow via email – there are probably 10 or so of those.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’d get so distracted if I followed that many blogs! Even not reading them all, just skimming titles. I’d sit at my computer and do nothing for hours except check blogs. Even with the few that I follow via e-mail, I read and respond and poke around, and before I know it the time has just flown by.

  4. Ashana Lian .

    Hi! I found you from Tabitha’s blog. I thought I check this blog out because I adore fantasy literature too.

    This post made me realise how dismal my situation has become, in terms of keeping in touch with the blogs I like!

    I actually follow something crazy like 50 blogs =/ I did like it much better when it was only 20, but oh well, can’t be helped. It’s extremely hard to check them all. I end up having so many because whenever someone follows me I try to follow back, especially if I like their blog. Also people I come across on Goodreads or twitter who run interesting blogs, fantasy blogs and so on. I usually comment on the blogs that post often (posts that show up closest to the top on my blogger feeds) and the blogs I particularly admire and never forget to check.

    My favourite blogs are almost always: useful, funny, about books, and about fantasy-related things. Very interesting post.
    Ashana Lian . recently posted…Romance In Fantasy Novels Should Not Be A Shape, But A Squiggle (Beautiful People #6)My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Oh wow, 50 blogs? I’d never keep up, or have time do update my own blog as much as I like to if I followed that many! I totally understand the wanting to follow everyone who follows you thing. But I’ve had to tell myself that ‘following’ and then never actually visiting or interacting with the blog would be worse than not following the blog at all. At least, in my mind it is. But everyone here knows I’m just a tiny bit insane. *nods*

      I’ve found some wonderful blogs to follow because I clicked through from Tabitha’s blog comments. *grins* I think she has a really good group of commenters.

  5. Elizabeth

    I currently subscribe to 34 blogs. I use the standard Blogger feed, which works for me. I don’t visit them all every day, but I scroll through to see what’s going on. Some are blogs I’ve followed for years, and every time I think about dropping they come up with something new and interesting to me.

    • SilvaraWilde

      35? Wow! Some days I find it hard to keep up with the 8 I follow by e-mail! There are a few others I follow as well, but my favorites I try to visit whenever I get an e-mail notification that there’s new stuff.

      You guys that can keep up with so many other blogs amaze me. You are obviously way more organized than I am! *grins*

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