How Many Reviews Do You Post Per Week?

March 12, 2016 Discussions 23

I can honestly say that I don’t tend to pay attention to how many reviews other blogs post each week. Even the ones I subscribe to by e-mail! If the book is one I’m interested in, or has a pretty cover, or everyone seems to be reviewing it or wanting to read it, then I read the reviews. Otherwise I don’t.

For myself, I post 3 reviews a week. 2 of them are fantasy or sci-fi, and they range from Middle Grade, Young Adult, or Adult. And the third review is usually a mystery or cozy mystery. (Except this month! There have been so many ARC’s coming out this month that I was able to read, that I’m up to 4 reviews a week most weeks.)

But I’ve been considering posting up to 4 reviews a week. With all the cozy mysteries I get each month, there’s no way I’ll ever get them all reviewed if I’m only doing one a week. And sometimes, like the last few weeks, I get so many ARC’s all coming out at once that I need to post 4 a week just to get them all out within a decent time-frame.

I know for a lot of blogs, the review posts are the ones with the least amount of views. At least, according to the discussions I’ve read about that during the last year or so. And so it seems silly to post even more of them than I already do.

And then I look at some of my stats. A lot of my reviews range from 15-50 views in a month for any particular one. And then I get blown away by ones that seem to go nuts for no apparent reason. This One for instance, as of 9:15pm on 3/11 it’s gotten over 440 views!

Which is awesome, but confusing! *laughs* And makes me wonder if reviews just get the least amount of comments and not the least amount of traffic? As much as I love comments, I can totally handle it if I only get a few here and there, but that kind of traffic every week or two!

So how many reviews do you do a week? Do you get a lot of traffic from them? How many reviews a week is too many? Do you even notice how many reviews other blogs post per week?

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23 Responses to “How Many Reviews Do You Post Per Week?”

  1. Greg Hill

    Interesting post. I only do about a review a week as I don’t do ARC’s and I usually buy anything I read (or library). And there are some weeks I don’t do a review, but I might review a TV show or a few regular memes or bookcover spotlights, stuff like that. It varies. I do notice (like many bloggers) that reviews don’t get a TON of hits, but they usually do generate a few comments and I’m good with that.

    I know I have a few regular readers who stop by and some regular commenters and that makes me happy, I honestly don’t know if I’d have the time to keep up if I had a huge/ super popular blog. 🙂 As for other blogs, yeah I don’t really notice how many reviews they do. If I see one that looks interesting I click it, and I have regulars I visit. I do love reading reviews though.
    Greg Hill recently posted…Sunday Post #133My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      It’s surprising to me, how many bloggers seem to only post 1-2 reviews a week. At least, judging by the comments on this post! When I started blogging a year and a half ago, it seemed like people were posting a lot more reviews. It’s kind of neat seeing all the answers.

      And I totally agree about not having time to keep up if I had a huge blog. Mine has actually grown more than I expected it to in the beginning. I can’t imagine keeping up with all the comments and such that big blogs have to do!

  2. Laura

    I never really post more than one review a week, simply because they’re my least favourite type of post to write, and they just don’t get many views in comparison to my other posts. Each blog is different though, so it just depends what you want to do, and what people come to your blog to read. I
    ‘ve never particularly noticed either how many reviews other people post, so this is definitely an interesting post! 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Review: The Other Queen By Philippa GregoryMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Totally surprised by how many people are saying they only post 1 or 2 reviews a week! I expected more than that. But then, I don’t actually pay attention to how many reviews my favorite blogs post. I just read them and move to the next.

      Though given this, now I’m wondering if doing 4 a week would be too much. *laughs*

  3. Jen @ Books That Hook

    I don’t notice how many reviews other bloggers are posting per week. If I recognize a book, I’ll go and read their review. Otherwise, I don’t pay attention.

    I’ve been in a little slump lately. I was posting around 5 reviews a week. Now, I’m posting 2-3. I’m still reading, just slower.

    I don’t pay attention to how many views individual posts get. I guess I should care more about that, but I just haven’t taken the time to look at any of those stats.
    Jen @ Books That Hook recently posted…Blackheath by Gabriella Lepore ~ tour stop with review and giveaway (@GabriellaBooks)My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I don’t generally pay attention to stats, unless it’s the end of the month and I’m doing my wrap-up post. Or updating NetGalley stats. Or I’ve noticed that suddenly I’m getting a huge amount of traffic.

      Outside that? As long as I’m getting comments, and some amount of visits, it doesn’t bother me how my actual stats look. But it is surprising how many people have said they only post 1-2 reviews a week! You’re the first person who’s said they post 3 or more.

  4. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I know what you mean about the traffic vs comments! Some of my reviews are definitely the most clicked on posts! Weirdly, my review of The Girl From Everywhere hit an INSANE amount of pageviews. *flails* But yet my reviews definitely don’t get as many comments? And I guess I do prefer the pageviews overall…but secretly I reeeally like the comments, because I feel like they’re more of a visual representation of a post doing well.😂
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Do You Ever NOT Recommend Your Favourite Books?My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I loove comments! But it never seems to fail that when I have lots of time to answer them, I only get a few. And when we’re short-staffed at work and I’m pulling overtime and only have 1 day off in a week, I suddenly get like a bazillion. *laughs*

      And you can partly blame me for the views on The Girl From Everywhere. *laughs* Mostly blame yourself, because your reviews are funny and made of awesome! But I also submitted it to StumbleUpon, and 39 other people liked it enough to give it a thumbs up, which meant even more views for you. And yeah. According to my Stumble history page, it looks like it got over 3k(nearly 4k!) worth of visits! So yay Cait!

  5. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I don’t notice how many reviews other people post because, like you, I tend to just read the ones I’m interested in and skip over the others. I also don’t have a set number of reviews that I post per week, though I think I tend to post an average of three. Sometimes I do bite sized review posts where I post three or so reviews all in one post too, if I feel like I don’t have quite as much to say about the books.

    I don’t think my review posts get as much traffic as my discussions – they certainly don’t get as many comments – but I honestly don’t track my views very consistently. I found that doing that just frustrated me because I want my numbers to be higher and I haven’t been very successful in actually changing that number – the best solution (for me) seemed to be just to try not to focus on it and write the posts I want to write.

    Having said that, I’ve definitely had some posts that get exponentially more views for reasons I don’t understand – again, if I focused on it, it would drive me crazy! See, right at this very moment I’m tempted to go look at my stats – Must. Fight. The. Urge. 🙂
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Sunday Post & Giveaways Galore 3/13/16My Profile

    • Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

      Yeah, totally lost that battle. I checked. It was a dismal week for me last week in the middle of the week and I got myself all depressed, but then I saw that the weekend was actually better than usual, so I perked up a little. See, this is why I should just ignore it. What good did it do me? None. None, I tell you! 🙂
      Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Sunday Post & Giveaways Galore 3/13/16My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for this to turn into a stat-montster topic. In all honesty, I only really look at my stats at the end of the month. When I’m writing up my wrap-up post, and updating my stats on NetGalley. The only other time I take any notice of my stats, is when I suddenly get an unusual amount of traffic. (Like on the post I linked to in this discussion.)

      The rest of the time, I judge things by if I’m getting comments. Yes? Then yay! Good enough for me. No comments that week? Then I’ve obviously been too boring and need to come up with better discussions and reviews. *grins*

      So far, only one other person has said they post 3 reviews (or more) a week besides you and me. Kinda surprised as I could have sworn that when I started blogging, it was the norm to have at least 4 posts of reviews a week. Kinda neat seeing all the different answers though!

  6. Amy @ Pages of Starlight

    For as much as I LOVE writing reviews, I usually only post one a week. This is partially because I don’t really get much traffic from them – they’re pretty consistently towards the bottom of my views. The only ones that are usually below them are my monthly wrap-ups and TBR posts. Also, I find reviews some of the more boring posts to actually read. If I’m interested in reading/have read the book, I’ll probably read it, but there are so many reviews that I don’t even look at because it’s not my type of book. I do have a tendency to ignore the reviews for books that I know will be really popular, as well. And, I totally do NOT notice how many reviews other blogs post. The only time I really notice is when every blog I follow reviews the same book within a couple of weeks. (Like what happened with Winter by Marissa Meyer.)
    Amy @ Pages of Starlight recently posted…Winter TBR UpdateMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Oh yeah! When everyone I know is reviewing the same book, it makes me not want to read the reviews. I’ll read like one or maybe two of them. But after that I kind of skip over any others for that book. I just get tired of seeing it. Which I’m sure is the opposite effect from what the publishers want. *laughs*

      I don’t mind writing reviews. But sometimes I have a case of “not right now.” And next thing I know I need to review 3 or more books. Then it takes me a few hours to write the reviews, schedule them and all. And I get all blah about the whole process. Need to stop doing that and just write the review when a book is finished. Unlikely though! *laughs*

  7. Eva @ All Books Considered

    Recently, someone commented on one of my discussion posts who is a reader and not a blogger. She stated that she prefers release day reviews rather than super early ARC reviews. Because of this, I have been posting my ARC reviews on release day or close to release day (both before and after) so I am aiming to post two reviews a week now and at least 2 non-review posts (weekly memes and/or discussions and/or tags). I think the most I’ve ever posted in a week were 3 reviews and that was hard for me!!
    Eva @ All Books Considered recently posted…I love this trope, sub-genre, setting: Boarding Schools!My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I try to post ARC reviews within a week or so of the book being published. So no more than a week prior, and within a week after. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I also read books from the library and books that are on my physical TBR shelf. So maybe half or less of the books I review are ARCs. Makes it easier to publish 3 reviews a week for me, since not all of them have a ‘must be published by’ date.

  8. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    So I usually do 2 posts. BUT, review 4-5 books. Like you said, some weeks there are just a TON of ARCs that are all happening at the same time, so I have to throw together a bunch of reviews… but I don’t have enough days in the week- plus, like you said, review posts don’t always get a ton of interaction- so I can’t post 5 different reviews, hence the mini-review (which, in truth, isn’t even that “mini”, but it gets the job done hah).

    I also think there probably IS some truth behind your theory of reviews getting views but not comments, because when I think of my OWN behavior, I read reviews just as much as other types of posts, but definitely comment on them less- so I really think you are right here! Love this topic!!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Step Up Your SlumpMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I try to keep at least a months worth of reviews scheduled ahead. Just in case of some disaster and I can’t blog for a bit, or have a reading slump or whatever. So right now I have 15 reviews scheduled. Which is another reason I was waffling about if I should add a 4th per week. The sheer about of scheduled posts! And fear of falling behind and only having a week or two ready to go. *laughs*

      I hardly ever comment on reviews either, unless it’s a book/author I love, or the blogger made the book sound so good I have to read it. But I do read the reviews at least! It’s been so interesting seeing all the various responses. So many more bloggers than I realized only post 1-2 reviews a week!

  9. Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

    Since I’m a slow reader, I usually post 1 review per week. I’m that kind of person who likes to “save review” (means I like to write review but will post it a few days or weeks later). I rather post consistently than post a lot of review in the beginning and then have nothing to post in the end. As for traffic, well to be honest I didn’t really care how many views I got, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be happy if my review got a lot of views xD. Anyway, this is such an interesting post! 🙂

    • SilvaraWilde

      There have been so many different answers! So many people posting less reviews than I had thought would be the case.

      I totally get wanting to post consistently. I have about a months worth of reviews scheduled ahead, but that’s because I’m a fast reader and can read 3-5 books a week depending on how busy I am that week. So it made sense to me to post 3 reviews a week. That and when I started, it seemed like everyone was posting about that much. But given the responses, apparently not! *laughs*

  10. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Ever since I made a weekly schedule for my blog, I post two reviews a week. It works for me, and I like having a regular schedule that stays the same every week. But I get what you’re saying about some reviews randomly getting a lot of views. I have one that got no comments and was posted months ago but gets views sometimes for no apparent reason lol.

    For me though, is not so much about the numbers as it is that I just like interacting. And it’s harder for people to comment and interact and get talking on book reviews, especially later books in a series. So I think kneeling a balance of reviews and other posts is good.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Discussion: The Good Thing About Bad BooksMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Right now I don’t think I have a balance. I do 3 reviews a week, and 1 discussion if I remember to get it written in time. Last year I was doing the same, but had an additional discussion/link up that no one was really using so I stopped it. Haven’t come up with anything to replace it yet. So I guess I should come up with something to replace my FCF before adding more reviews (if at all) to my schedule! Thanks for mentioning that, I hadn’t really thought about the balance when writing this post.

  11. Mara @ Mara Was Here

    I’ve grown accustomed to doing one review a week, since it fits well with how fast I read (I can read a book a week, sometimes even two). Sometimes they get lesser traffic than my discussion posts, but other times they surprise me as well and get a lot more views than they usually do! I think it’s because my book review is about a well-known book, but I’m not entirely sure either. xD

    I also don’t keep track of how many reviews a blog publishes every week, because I don’t really mind. If they publish a book review and I want to check it out, then I will. If not, then I won’t.

    Really interesting post! 🙂
    Mara @ Mara Was Here recently posted…7 Signs To Know You’ve Delved Too Far Into A FandomMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      It’s amazing to me, how many blogs only post 1-2 reviews a week! Though, as I haven’t paid any attention to how many reviews everyone else posts, I’m not sure why I’m so surprised. *laughs*

      I don’t usually pay any attention to how many views a post gets either, but sometimes it’s hard not to notice. Especially when WordPress flashes at you and tells you your traffic is booming.

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