Movie, TV Show and Book References In Books

April 9, 2016 Discussions 8

Lately it seems like the universe is trying to tell me something. Or perhaps the Powers That Be, just want me to watch more movies or something. *laughs* But out of the last 6 books I’ve read, all of them have had movie or tv show references.

The book I’m currently reading keeps mentioning The Love Boat, and various Elvis movies. The three I finished before this, all had Xena references (seriously! Three books in a row, three different genres!), and the two before that both had some kind of Harry Potter reference.

I love Xena and Harry Potter, I own all the Harry Potter books and movies, and I’ve watched every episode of Xena. I like Elvis, have seen some of the movies, and as a kid I would occasionally watch episodes of The Love Boat if mom was watching them and I wasn’t doing anything else.

So it’s possible that I just notice references to things I like more. I know there have been Buffy the Vampire Slayer references in some of the books I’ve read this year as well. But usually, I don’t end up with multiple books in a row that all mention the same show/movie/book.

The books have all been published in different years as well. At least one of the books came out in 2009, and two of the others came out in the last few months, or will be out next month. So it’s not a case of ‘oh this book was written when x-show was on the air.’

It’s kind of funny thinking about it, how many books in a row mentioned the same thing. I’m only half-way through my current read, but if Xena pops up in this one as well I think I may have to go find some episodes to watch. Because four times in a row sounds like it’s stretching the realm of coincidence!


Has this ever happened to you? How many books in a row have you read that all referenced the same show/movie/book? Do you notice if a book references another book/movie/show? If you notice, does it then make you want to go back and watch the movie/show or read the other book?

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8 Responses to “Movie, TV Show and Book References In Books”

    • SilvaraWilde

      I know, right? *lol* I never did end up watching it. Too many other things happened that I needed to work on instead.

      I’ve seen Buffy references, Harry Potter, Xena, Twilight (urgh!) and cartoons. I just finished a book a bit ago that had a reference to Kit from Knight Rider! It’s always fun to find the sometimes random references. I’m just not used to having the same show/book appear in multiple books in a row!

  1. tonyalee

    I find that things get referenced in threes. With books, movies, places, things whatever. Maybe I find a pattern?? Anyway, I can’t think of one right now where it referenced movies. I don’t watch many, so maybe they do and I don’t catch on? LOL

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I’m sure there’s been references I’ve missed because I didn’t read the book/watch the show/movie. And I see references to all kinds of things in books often. I just haven’t had it where the same show/book was referenced in multiple other books in a row before.

    • SilvaraWilde

      You totally need to watch Buffy! (I’m biased though, I own the entire series on DVD… *lol*) The TV series is the best, but there’s a movie that it was based off of with a different cast. That one isn’t bad, but it’s what lots of people would refer to as a cult film, with lots of cheesy moments and lines. *grins*

      I haven’t watched Dr. Who yet, but I get a lot of the references! I haven’t seen it yet because all my friends who are Whovians say I have to start with the first episode of ever. And that’s kinda hard to find since they’re on the 10th (11th?? Higher??) incarnation of the Doctor now.

      Never heard of Roman Holiday. Is it a tv show? Book? Any good? *laughs*

  2. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    I don’t know if I’ve noticed the number of books in a row that have the references, but I always notice and make a comment when I do find the references that I love! Anything 80s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, and Supernatural lately as well! I love those things! It makes me feel connected to the book a little more when I notice them I think. Fun discussion post idea! You can check out my latest discussion post in the link below if you want!
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…It’s in the Stars – Or Why I Don’t Give Ratings on My BlogMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I do love when I catch the references! Makes me feel a bit closer connected to the author, because if he/she is referencing something I love, they have to like it too, right? *grins* I’m just not used to reading multiple books in a row that all reference the same show/book/character/etc.

      I know I miss Supernatural references unless they’re blatant, but that’s because I haven’t had time to actually watch any of the episodes yet. But it’s on my “maybe someday when I have time” list of things that I need to watch.

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