mPoints – My Newest Gift Card Addiction

August 29, 2015 Discussions 0

I love check-in apps. Mostly the ones where you get stuff for checking in. I used to love 4Square before they ruined it by splitting the app in two. So when I stumbled across an app called mPoints, I had to download it to see if it was worth it. It totally was!

It’s a free app for iPhones and Android. You download and sign up, and then when you check into places (only up to 25 times a day) you get coins. You also get to open a free prize box once every hour. The boxes give you a random amount of coins (usually between 5-30), and sometimes free prize draw entries. You can win prize boxes when you check into stores (anywhere from 1-5 per check-in), and if no one else claims them within 24hours, you get the boxes automatically. For my area, I’ve never not gotten my prize boxes. So either there aren’t many other users, or they’re claiming boxes in other parts of the map.

Sometimes after checking in, or claiming a prize box, you’ll get an opportunity to watch a short video, or visit a website. It will tell you how many coins you’ll earn by doing so (I’ve gotten anywhere from 10-100, 30 is the normal baseline). Other times it wants you to download another app (usually a game) that also gives coins. You don’t have to do either one though, you can just hit the X on the pop-up. There are also surveys you can do once a day, that only take a few seconds and reward you with 5-50 coins.

Some apps I was already using give you coins as well. The Weather Channel being one of them. And what do you do with these coins? You turn them in for free gift cards! (Or entries into prize draws, or donate them to charity, your choice.) I’ve had the app a week, haven’t downloaded any additional apps, and only a few times have been places where I could check into the max of 25 places. And I’ve already earned a $5 Amazon gift card.

None of the prize drawings are over yet, so no idea if those are worth it or not. But making a free $5 a week that I can put towards more books, or whatever I want is worth it to me. And since you can check in every hour as long as you haven’t hit your max, if you happen to go out to dinner? You can check in when you get there, and then check in again when you leave. You can’t do check ins while in a moving vehicle, but if you’re near a mall or other area with lots of businesses, you can check into each one as you walk by them. Some are worth 75 coins, so I always check into the highest value ones first, then any others.


Have you heard of mPoints before? Do you use it? What other phone games are you addicted to?

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