Do Your Pets Help You Pick Books?

October 15, 2016 Discussions 6

My cats have always had interesting personality quirks. Kaylynn was my thief. She would steal the most random objects, and hide them under the couch, or in my bed. She never stole my books, but she was super curious about them. To the point she had to position herself in such a way that her head was between me and the book. Almost like she was reading it.

Miles likes to use them as cat beds. If I leave one on my bed, a chair, or anywhere that is a flat surface that has room enough for a cat to jump on, she will jump up and then lay down across the book. Hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines, manga, comic books, doesn’t matter. If you can read it and it holds still long enough, it will become her bed.

But every once in a while she pulls out this trick I call “telling me what to read.” If I have multiple books on the bed, or in my chair (usually because I’ve either just gotten them and am sorting, or because I’m going through them to pick what to read), she will knock off all the books onto the floor except one. And that one then gets sat on or laid on. Nine times out of ten, the book she has kept ends up being one I really like if not one I love.

That said. I can’t get her to purposely pick a book! If I don’t want her to mess with them? Oh yes, she will go through and bat them onto the floor until her chosen book is the only one left. If I purposely dump books on the bed and then drop Miles on the bed and tell her to pick one? She jumps down and leaves the room!

Such a contrary child… *laughs* So it got me to wondering if other people’s pets helped them pick books? Or if they do anything else funny or annoying with book-shaped-objects?


Tell me your pet woes when it comes to books! What’s your funniest story? What little (or not so little?) quirk do your pets have when it comes to your reading time? Do you have a book expert or could they care less?

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6 Responses to “Do Your Pets Help You Pick Books?”

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* Poor you! Bad dog! My cats learned early on that if they damaged my stuff, they’d get locked in the bathroom for a time-out. They’re only allowed in the bathroom if I’m giving them a bath, so it made the perfect punishment room.

      The one and only time my Kaylynn tried to chew on an electrical cord, I snatched her up, dropped her in the tub and turned on the water. She never so much as licked a cord after that.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Thank you! So does yours! Good luck on getting her to pick a book!

      Miles will eventually give up and snuggle next to me, if all her distractions fail to make me stop reading. But her preferred treatment of books is as something to lay on, or knock off things.

  1. Amy @ Pages of Starlight

    None of my pets were ever too interested in me reading, or my books – but my mom’s cat? Jessie will constantly rub her cheeks and chin on the edges of a book I’m trying to read, getting orange cat hairs all over it. (She especially likes hardbacks, but paperbacks work almost as well.) Or, if she wants to be petted, she’ll just climb up on the arm of the couch and STARE right at me. And, let me tell you, it’s impossible to read when you have this huge-eyed cat just staring at you. If I leave a book lying where she can get to it, she’ll hunch over right in front of it, almost like she’s going to read it! It’s so cute/awesome that one of your cats ‘chooses’ books for you – and that she’s often right. (And, like a typical cat, never does it when you want her to.)
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    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I can just picture the cat staring at you! Miles is much more pushy about things. She rubs on the books I’m reading, but she also likes to try and get her head between me and the book. I think I’d almost prefer being stared at!

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