Pouncing on Murder (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #4) by Laurie Cass (review)

January 31, 2016 All Reviews, Mystery 0 ★★★½

I received this book for free from Obsidian in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Pouncing on Murder (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #4) by Laurie Cass (review)Pouncing on Murder: A Bookmobile Cat Mystery by Laurie Cass
Series: A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #4
Published by Obsidian on December 1st 2015
Number of Pages: 344
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Source: Obsidian
Format: Paperback
Purchase: At Amazon

Springtime in Chilson, Michigan, means it's librarian Minnie Hamilton's favorite time of year: maple syrup season! But her excitement fades when her favorite syrup provider, Henry Gill, dies in a sugaring accident. It’s tough news to swallow...even if the old man wasn’t as sweet as his product.

On the bookmobile rounds with her trusty rescue cat Eddie, Minnie meets Adam, the old man's friend, who was with him when he died. Adam is convinced Henry’s death wasn’t an accident, and fears that his own life is in danger. With the police overworked, it's up to Minnie and Eddie to tap all their resources for clues—before Adam ends up in a sticky situation...

Unlike a lot of cozy mysteries where investigating the murder takes center stage, and the characters life temporarily seems to take a back seat, it was the other way around in this book. Minnie fits in her investigations between running the library’s bookmobile, getting ready for their first-ever book fair, and hanging out with her friends.

She spends a lot of time talking to her cat, and interpreting his responses or lack thereof. Which for me, was believable since I talk to my own cat all the time. That said, it seemed like Minnie spent more time talking to her cat than she did humans. Eddie was a typical cat, with no super powers, and he behaved exactly how I expected a cat to in most situations.

She seems to pick up new friends quickly, and some of them are immediate ties to the mystery she’s investigating. At times the book seemed to drag just a little bit, and Minnie would end up on wild goose chases.

There was also a thread of romance, in that her current relationship was very obviously not working. And there was a tiny subplot almost about who she would start dating instead. It was fairly clear who would win out however.

I didn’t guess who the killer was, and I also had no idea about the motive. It’s always fun to be a bit surprised at the end when the big reveal happens. I think the killer was slightly too focused on trying to kill the new victim at the end, but that also helped keep me invested to the very last page.


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