Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane #1) by Jaye Wells (review)

May 4, 2016 All Reviews, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy 2 ★★★½

Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane #1) by Jaye Wells (review)Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, #1) by Jaye Wells
Series: Sabina Kane #1
Published by Orbit on April 1st 2009
Number of Pages: 325
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban
Source: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Purchase: At Amazon

In a world where being of mixed-blood is a major liability, Sabina Kane has the only profession fit for an outcast: assassin. But, her latest mission threatens the fragile peace between the vampire and mage races and Sabina must scramble to figure out which side she's on. She's never brought her work home with her---until now.

This time, it's personal.

“By now, I should have learned that luck, if she was a lady, was a mean-spirited bitch with a grudge against me.”


Some of this worked really well, and some of it just… didn’t. For a lot of the book we don’t know exactly how old Sabina is. She’s half vampire, and half magic user. We know she went to school to train to be an assassin. So I figured she must be somewhere in her late 20’s to mid-30’s. Especially when she has some blonde moments.

Then we find out later that Sabina is actually in her 50’s… Granted, there are a lot of surprises for her in a short amount of time. But someone that old, especially one who is supposed to be one of the best assassins around, shouldn’t have had quite that many dropped balls.

I liked her, I just think that some of the things she did were unbelievable for her age and training, and just used to further bits of plot that could have been done differently. But this is a first book, so maybe she gets better in the next one?

I quite liked Adam, loved Giguhl and Vinca, and I can’t wait to meet Maisie! Sabina’s grandmother, as well as Clovis were done really well. There were a few moments where you weren’t sure who was a bad guy and who was actually a good one. And the plot twists! Some of them I saw coming miles away, and others took me completely by surprise.

I liked how the magic was done, as well as some of the world-building lore. (Though some of it needed explaining sooner than actually happened. Like the applewood.) Some things were explained right away, like being able to tell the relative age of a vampire by the shade of their hair. All vampires have red hair, the lighter it is, the younger the vampire. Sabina has red and black hair since she’s half and half.

Overall, it wasn’t bad, it just could have been done better in regards to Sabina herself. I already own the 2nd book, so hopefully the things that irked me a bit in this book will be better in the next one.


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2 Responses to “Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane #1) by Jaye Wells (review)”

    • SilvaraWilde

      Exactly. If the book hadn’t told me she was in her 50’s, I never would have guessed she was older than her early 20’s. I own the 2nd book, so eventually I’ll get around to reading it to see if the character fits her age better in that one. I would have liked this one a lot more if not for that, but it wasn’t bad. Just irksome in some places.

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