Shield and the Shadow (The Horizon Cycle Book 1) by A.M. Yates (review)

June 24, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, YA 0 ★★★★

Shield and the Shadow (The Horizon Cycle Book 1) by A.M. Yates (review)Shield and the Shadow by A.M. Yates
Series: The Horizon Cycle #1
Published by A.M. Yates on November 1st 2014
Number of Pages: 384
Genres: Adventure, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Urban, Young Adult
Source: Won
Format: eBook
Purchase: At Amazon

Curiouser and curiouser . . .

Hard times force sixteen-year-old Olli and her brother to move to sleepy Horizon Creek, and Olli’s biggest worry is that she, once again, won’t fit in.

And she doesn’t.

But when a mysterious shadow lurking in the woods draws out a strange power within her, she fears she’s losing her mind. Add to that tall, dark, and smoldering Brend, who can only speak in riddles, and she’s sure she's gone completely bonkers.

Yet day by day, Olli pieces together the truth. And what she finds changes everything she thought she knew--about the town, her family, even her own reflection.

So when the shadow emerges, taking one life and threatening to take more, all Olli needs to do to save the mad boy she loves is to step through the looking glass and become the girl she sees on the other side . . .

And believe in a few impossible things . . .

I won this ebook at the Spring Fling Giveaway. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


So much happened in this story. Lots of action and adventure, unraveling mysteries. An evil witch, creatures that come out at night, and above all, a girl trying to figure out where she fits in, and why she has the powers she has.

I really liked this book, it feels like one I’ll have to read a second time before all the pieces fall into my head right. But even after only one reading, there was so much world building it almost makes up for the fact that a lot of the secondary characters needed a bit more fleshing out. There were archetypes: the cute little kid, the scholar who closes himself away with his books, the cousin who fills the protective older brother role.

But Brend’s aunt didn’t really stand out to me at all. She felt more like a filler character with little to no personality. And a lot of the other characters were mostly background so we didn’t get to know them well. A lot of that had to do with the action centering around Ollie and Brend. And trying to fit as much information into the book before the end as possible.

The ending itself is a cliffhanger. Had me wishing I had the next book so I could start reading it and find out what would happen next. Unfortunately it isn’t out yet. But I’ll be picking it up when it is.


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