Stone Maiden (Maiden Series #1) by Tina Gerow (review)

May 28, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance 0 ★★★½

Stone Maiden (Maiden Series #1) by Tina Gerow (review)Stone Maiden by Tina Gerow
Series: Maiden Series #1
Published by Triskelion Publishing on September 8th 2006
Number of Pages: 246
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
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Format: eBook
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Ariel Knight, a nine-hundred year old gargoyle and ex-warrior for God opens a present day bodyguard agency with her three sisters. At the request of the Angel Gabriel, they take on protecting Logan McAllister, playboy country music songwriter who has suddenly become a prime target for all of the evil supernatural beings in the area. While Ariel tries to unravel who is behind the mysterious attacks, she is also battling a growing affection and attraction for him. To make matters worse, Logan's business manager turns out to be a master vampire who broke her heart two centuries ago and still seems to have feelings for her. Nothing like finding out your lover is a soulless bloodsucker to ruin a relationship.

The beginning of the book didn’t catch me immediately. It would have, but the main character spent a lot of time thinking about how hot her soon-to-be client was, as well as how hot she herself was. I was worried it was going to turn into a smut-fest with very little plot.

I was pleasantly surprised however. After the action started, the story sucked me in. A lot of the focus on the sexual tension dropped off. It wasn’t gone, and there are explicit sex scenes in this book. But it stopped sounding like porn-waiting-to-happen with a little plot here and there. And it became almost entirely plot with some explicit sex that mostly made sense for what was happening in the book.

One of the secondary characters is the Angel Gabriel, and I liked how his personality was portrayed. The creatures we were introduced to during the story were not just the usual fantasy standbys. There were vampires, but there were also succubi, the gargoyles of course, and a number of others. Including some I haven’t heard of. I love when authors use ‘lesser known’ fantasy creatures in their stories.

I liked Ariel and James more than I liked Logan, though nothing was really wrong with Logan. He just didn’t grab me as much as the other characters. I want to learn more about Ariel’s sisters, and since it sounds like each book in the series will be giving a different sister center stage, that’s another plus for me. I also want to find out more about how the world and supernatural background stuff works. We got some information about gargoyles and vampires in this book, quite a bit actually. But there are also things that were left out that I’m curious about.

If you like paranormal romance books, with angels and vivid background stories, you should give this series a try. I’ll be picking up book 2.


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