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Nov 26

How Early Do You Start Your Christmas Shopping?

It varies year to year for me, but I usually try to be finished by the end of November at the latest. I like not having to scramble around at the last minute looking for gifts. And it’s nice to not worry about if a particular item is sold out or not. This year all my shopping was done by November 25th. I got Dad’s gift last because he almost never knows what he wants when I ask him. My usual defaults if I can’t come up with anything else, are an interesting nutcracker (he collects them), or some kind… Read more »


Nov 12

People Who Flame You For Your Opinion

I suppose that I’ve been lucky in that this is a first for me after over 2 years of book blogging. But I had someone attack me for my opinion of a book that I reviewed on Amazon. I get not having the same opinion of a book, because not everyone likes the same stuff. But to go off on a screaming rant about half of a sentence in my review? And it totally was a rant, bashing the characters and spewing hate all over the place. I’ve never seen so many down votes on one of my reviews in… Read more »


Nov 05

Do You Have A Book Buying (Or Borrowing!) System?

I rarely buy books anymore. Mostly because of how large my TBR pile is. And especially this last year or so, when I do buy books, it’s to get a physical copy to replace my eARC or physical ARC copy. I have been borrowing a ton of books from the library though! My system for the library is to look through my bookmarked books to see which ones are available to download right away. Which ever one appeals the most is the one (or 2 or 3) that come home with me that day. I mostly do ebooks because then… Read more »


Oct 15

Do Your Pets Help You Pick Books?

My cats have always had interesting personality quirks. Kaylynn was my thief. She would steal the most random objects, and hide them under the couch, or in my bed. She never stole my books, but she was super curious about them. To the point she had to position herself in such a way that her head was between me and the book. Almost like she was reading it. Miles likes to use them as cat beds. If I leave one on my bed, a chair, or anywhere that is a flat surface that has room enough for a cat to… Read more »


Sep 17

What Do You Think Of Movie Re-Makes?

I don’t have a definite, stance on them myself. For the most part, I don’t like them. But then there are some movie re-makes that I actually do like. I mean, like all the Batman re-makes. Some of them were okay, and some aren’t ones that I will ever own. (And I’m a huge Batman fan! So I want to own everything!) But then there are others… Like the ‘new’ Superman movies. I just didn’t like the first one much so didn’t go see any others. I like the Christopher Reeve Superman. I think they were pretty perfect, and didn’t… Read more »


Aug 20

Time Sense – Do You Have It?

I most certainly do not. Easy stuff, I can do. Like, this morning I had yogurt for breakfast. Yesterday I was off work and got an e-mail from the publicist for one of my favorite authors. But past that? Not so much… For certain things, I can remember fairly easily because I’ve associated something with it. Like, my cat was born in September of 2002. I can remember the year because it was close to 2000, and since that is a significant date being the start of a millennium and all, I can remember it! (And I remember when I… Read more »


Jul 09

Do You Have More Self-Bought Or Review Books On Your Physical TBR?

My physical TBR shelf has grown into 2 shelves. I know, I know. I need to get reading! *laughs* But there’s less time during the summer for me to read. And since I’m on a few different publisher mailing lists, my TBR keeps growing. (Well, that and the fact I keep requesting books from the library instead of reading what I already have… oops!) I used to have way more books that I bought or was given by family, on my TBR than anything else. But now that I’m up to two shelves, I’m not so sure what I have… Read more »


Jul 02

The Most Random Place You’ve Left A Book?

So we all have that one friend (or possibly ARE that one friend?!) who is always misplacing things. One of my best friends used to be my roommate a number of years ago. I once walked into our apartment to find a half gallon of milk sitting on the tray by the front door where she usually kept her keys. It was still cold so I grabbed it and headed to the fridge. Only to discover her keys were on the shelf where the milk usually sat! She didn’t even realize she had swapped them. *laughs* I usually only have… Read more »


Jun 25

What Time Of Year Do You Read More Books?

I read all year round, as I’m sure we all do. But I tend to read a lot more during the fall and winter. Partly because summer is the busy time at my work. So I don’t get to read during work nearly as much as in the off season. And also partly because it’s cozy to snuggle up in my chair with a blanket and rock while reading in the winter. My cat snuggles in with me and is less of a book nuisance in the winter as well. When it’s cold, she is focused on cuddling and sleeping… Read more »


Jun 11

How Chatty Are You With Your Publisher Contacts?

I don’t like treating mine like they’re robots, or just being blah in my e-mails to them. But at the same time, I don’t want to babble on and take up their valuable time! I have a few that I send reviews to every week or so, and a few that I only contact every once in a while. For the ones I talk to every week, I tend to do a mix of form e-mail and chatty. Like, I’ll say “Hi Name! I hope your day/week/holiday is going well!” etc. and maybe throw in a response to something they… Read more »