The Beauty’s Beast by E.D. Walker (review)

March 2, 2016 All Reviews, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Romance 2 ★★★★

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Beauty’s Beast by E.D. Walker (review)The Beauty's Beast by E.D. Walker
Published by EDW Books on March 14th 2014
Number of Pages: 206
Genres: Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Romance
Source: NetGalley
Format: eARC
Purchase: At Amazon

Lady Kathryn's father sends her to court to find a husband, but being penniless and disinterested doesn't bode well for her success. Bored by the petty intrigues of court, her frustration and loneliness are eased when the king charges her with the care of his newest acquisition: a wolf he and his hunters have recently captured. What the king doesn't realize is his remarkable pet was once Gabriel, his favorite knight, cursed into wolf form by an unfaithful wife.

The beast's too-knowing eyes and the way he understands and responds to her every utterance convince Kathryn he is more than what he seems. Resolving to restore him, she doesn't count on the greatest obstacle being Gabriel himself. The longer he stays in wolf form as a captive of the court, the harder it becomes for him to remember his humanity and to fight his wolfish urges to maim and kill.

Only Kathryn's affection and determination stand between Gabriel the wolf and Gabriel the man. But when the one who betrayed him returns to court, will Kathryn's love be enough to keep Gabriel from exacting a brutish revenge that will condemn the wolf to death?

I do love fairytale retellings. Especially when they have more unique twists to them. I haven’t seen a werewolf used as the Beast before. I also liked that it was a more medieval tale, back in the times of kings, queens and knights.

I was afraid at first that the queen would end up being one of the bad guys, but was pleasantly surprised to find that she was actually Kathryn’s friend. I liked the glimpses of the way the king and queen interacted, both together as a couple, as well as with the members of their court.

I loved the way Gabriel acted during his curse. It was believable as well as almost heartbreaking at times. His actions as a wolf worked for me (even if they were rather more dog-like most of the time), and getting to see his inner musings was both entertaining and sad. Kathryn was a strong female character, even if she was more learned and strong-willed than women were ‘supposed’ to be back then. Something she pointed out to herself as well as Gabriel. I also really liked the court wiseman/magician.

The bad characters were suitably bad, and got what they deserved. You know how the story will end, since it IS a retelling after all. But the way the characters get there was totally engrossing. I read this in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like fairytale retellings, you need to read this one!


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  1. Amy @ Pages of Starlight

    You’ve convinced me! I’ve been looking at this book for quite a while, it sounds really intriguing. And that cover is gorgeous. I’m definitely going to add it to my TBR. After all, I do love Beauty and the Beast retellings and I adore the idea of making the ‘Beast’ a wolf.
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