The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers #1) by Kate Klimo (review)

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The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers #1) by Kate Klimo (review)The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers, #1) by Kate Klimo
Series: Dragon Keepers #1
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers on July 22nd 2008
Number of Pages: 176
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Middle Grade
Source: Library
Format: eBook
Purchase: At Amazon

TEN-YEAR-OLD COUSINS Jesse and Daisy have always wanted something magical to happen to them. So it’s a wish come true when Jesse’s newly found thunder egg hatches, and a helpless, tiny but very loud baby dragon pops out. Soon the two kids are at the dragon’s beck-and-call, trying to figure out what to feed her.

An Internet search leads them to the library, which leads them back to the Internet, where they find a very strange Web site called “” It is here that the cousins discover that the dragon’s hatching has designated them “Dragon Keepers” and that not only do they have to feed her, but they have to keep her safe from the villainous Saint George who has kept himself alive over centuries by drinking dragons’ blood.

This was adorable! I loved Emmy and the mischief she caused without meaning to. Jesse and Daisy were easy to connect with as well. There were no bits that would scare young kids, and at the same time, even though this is a kids book, it was charming enough that it would appeal to adults as well.

Jesse and Daisy have to figure out what to feed Emmy since dragons of course, don’t come with instruction manuals. Except when they DO.

The face offs with St. George were funny, and even though you know Jesse and Daisy are going to win, you never know exactly HOW they’re going to pull it off. This was a very quick read, no slow bits to be seen. I already want to go out and read the next book in the series. If you like middle grade books, or books with dragons in them, you must try this book!


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