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Find Me Tag


I was tagged by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction.


The only ‘rule’ I can find for this, is that you have to link back to Novel Ink as they are the ones who created the tag. Anyone tagged, is not obligated to do it. There are 10 categories, and you have to list either the title of the book, or the cover of the book for your answer in each category. I don’t own all of these books, but I couldn’t find all the things on books I do actually own.


#1: The word GONE in the title.


Gone With The Wind



#2: A book with a WEAPON on the cover.


First Riders Call



#3: Book with a MOON

The Midnight Cafe




#4: Girl in a WHITE DRESS


The One





?? Apparently I don’t own any books with this on the cover. And I couldn’t dig any up on Google that I recognized the title of.



#6: Book with a SUNSET


Bridge Of Dreams



#7: Book with HEADPHONES


Again, can’t seem to find any.



#8: Book with WATER





#9: Book with a FLOWER





#10: Book with HEART(S)


Princess In Love



If you’ve done this tag, feel free to leave links in the comments. I’m curious to see what all books people came up with. If you haven’t done this tag and wish to, consider yourself tagged!

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