Time Sense – Do You Have It?

August 20, 2016 Discussions 6

I most certainly do not. Easy stuff, I can do. Like, this morning I had yogurt for breakfast. Yesterday I was off work and got an e-mail from the publicist for one of my favorite authors. But past that? Not so much…

For certain things, I can remember fairly easily because I’ve associated something with it. Like, my cat was born in September of 2002. I can remember the year because it was close to 2000, and since that is a significant date being the start of a millennium and all, I can remember it! (And I remember when I started my blog because it was the day after Miles’ birthday, nearly 2 years ago now!) But other things? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

My Dad is always giving me a hard time (not in a bad way!) about my horrible time sense. He’ll say something like “Remember last week when I said x?” And I’ll be like, “Noooo…. I kinda remember you talking about x, but it was last week? Really? I thought it was longer ago than that.” Or maybe I thought it was more recent. But usually I’ll have to qualify statements with “a few weeks ago…” because I honestly have NO IDEA how long ago X event was. And then I’ll usually be told “Weeks ago? Try MONTHS ago.” Or on one epic occasion, it turned out it had happend over a year prior and I thought it had been months. (Which technically… *laughs*)

This makes keeping in touch with friends an interesting proposition. It can literally take me months (like 3-6) between e-mails or phone calls sometimes. This would be because I don’t realize how much time has actually passed. I always try to answer e-mails, unless there is literally nothing to say other than a one or two word reply. But even at that, I will sometimes forget I haven’t responded for a week or two or three… *laughs*

I have books on my TBR shelf that I cannot even begin to tell you how long they’ve been there. A few I can say I’ve had for more than 4 years. This would be because I moved to the island 4.5-ish years ago, and I had them before we moved. All the rest of them? Who knows?


What about you? Are you an elephant who never forgets? Has someone kidnapped your brain along with mine? Or somewhere in between? How good is YOUR time sense?

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6 Responses to “Time Sense – Do You Have It?”

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I would have thought after this many years, my Dad would be used to my lack of time sense by now. But it seems to surprise him every time. How he can keep track of everything is a mystery to me. Good to know I’m not the only one who lacks time sense, but I’m sorry you’re in the same boat!

    • SilvaraWilde

      Oops! That’s never good. Though admittedly I have to think about it to figure out how long I’ve had my current job. The only reason I actually know, is because I started it 3 months after I started this blog! Hopefully the headquarters people took it as you liked your job so much you forgot how long you’d been working! (Unless you guessed the other way, in which case hopefully they’ll put it down to nerves or lack of sleep!)

  1. Wendy

    Growing up I was obnoxiously good at this–my dad would say, “And what color of socks were you wearing?” whenever I called my parents out on time errors.

    But when you’re a kid, it’s a big deal if you’re in THIRD grade or FOURTH grade, so of course you remember which year you got the dog. Even in my twenties I can place events on a pretty solid timeline–after college, during Peace Corps, during grad school, during student teaching…

    Then it all becomes a blur. With nothing specific to hang my memories on, I can’t keep track. The only events since 1998 that I can firmly place in time are my wedding and when my kids came home. It’s a struggle to even work out which year we spent overseas, or when my parents each died. HORRIFYING.

    But show me my third grade class picture, and I can name every person. What a waste of brain space!
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    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I still remember a few of my friends from 1st grade or so. And I can go through my high school year books and tell you who most of the kids I knew back then are, and what they did if they were in theatre with me. I also remember random crazy things.

      Like, I have a fairly distinct memory of being bored out of my mind when visiting a relative. I don’t remember what relative, or what she looked like. But I remember what the building looked like, what the floors looked like, and that there was a grand piano in the room. I’ve mentioned it to Dad before, and turns out it is a memory from when I was 2-ish and we visited a great great aunt of mine.

      I can remember that, but can’t tell you when I last saw one of my aunts. (Last Christmas/new years maybe??)

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