Transformation (Tempted by the Jaguar #1) by Cristina Rayne (review)

February 11, 2016 All Reviews, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance 0 ★★★

Transformation (Tempted by the Jaguar #1) by Cristina Rayne (review)Tempted by the Jaguar #1: Transformation (Riverford Shifters) by Cristina Rayne
Series: Tempted by the Jaguar #1
Published by Cristina Rayne on November 18th 2014
Number of Pages: 133
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
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Format: eBook
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Kylie Moore has a secret, one she and her adoptive father have carefully guarded for over a decade since the night her parents disappeared. However, when she is randomly attacked one night in her apartment complex's parking lot, that one violent act sets in motion events that reveal not only her long-dormant shifter heritage in the worst possible way, but could also railroad her efforts of finding out what really happened to her parents.

Suddenly finding herself the center of attention among Riverford's shifter clans, Kylie's only hope of navigating such a dangerous minefield of politics and perpetual battles over territory is Hunter, a too-sexy-for-her-peace-of-mind jaguar shifter that might be her key to gaining insider access to the hidden and secretive shifter society.

Now Kylie must decide whether to integrate more deeply into Hunter's jaguar clan in order to take advantage of this rare opportunity or to run while her secret still remains uncovered. To stay would mean deliberately putting herself in more danger than Kylie may be prepared to handle, especially when Hunter, the person she must rely on, may be hiding something as well.


Being a short book, a lot happens fairly quickly. This series is done in installments, and while I liked the premise, there wasn’t as much explanation of how things work and character development as I would have liked. The ending was abrupt, like a longer book had been cut in half at an almost arbitrary point.

The story did draw me in and made me want to read more. I liked Kylie and was curious about Hunter, but most of the other characters felt more like background filler. Most likely because so much happened in the book, and cutting it up into a serial novel means not as much time to do more in-depth characterizations or background about how shifter society works and who is in the know.

This would have worked really well as a full-length novel. And while I do want to know what happens next, I’m not sure about getting the next book in case it ends up on a similar cliffhanger ending.

If you like stories about shapeshifters, you might try this book. It’s free at least at the time I’m writing this.


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