Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly (review)

July 22, 2015 All Reviews, Contemporary, Humor, Mystery, YA 2 ★★★½

I received this book for free from Penguin in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly (review)Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly
Published by Penguin on August 4th 2015
Number of Pages: 336
Genres: Adventure, Contemporary, Humor, Mystery, Young Adult
Source: Penguin
Format: eARC
Purchase: At Amazon

Preparing to survive a typical day of being Digbys friend wasn't that different from preparing to survive the apocalypse.

Her first day not in school (because she cut) in her new hometown that will soon be her old hometown (because she's getting out of Dodge as fast as she can) Zoe meets Digby. Or rather, Digby decides he's going to meet Zoe and get her to help him find missing teenager. Zoe isn't sure how, but Digby—the odd and brilliant and somehow…attractive?—Digby always gets what he wants, including her help on several illegal ventures. Before she knows it, Zoe has vandalized an office complex with fake snow, pretended to buy drugs alongside a handsome football player dressed like the Hulk, had a throw-down with a possible cult, and, oh yeah, saved her new hometown (which might be worth making her permanent hometown after all.)

A mystery where catching the crook isn't the only hook, a romance where the leading man is decidedly unromantic, a story about friendship where they aren't even sure they like each other

This isn’t normally my genre, even though there is some mystery to it, and I do like mysteries. But the blurb sounded interesting. I liked it, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. What was I expecting? I’m not really sure!

I didn’t like Digby right away. I didn’t dislike him, he just didn’t sound like someone I’d want to be friends with at first. But he does grow on you as the story goes along. I liked Zoe and Henry. The cliques in the school were believable. And some of Digby’s madcap schemes made me cringe as well as laugh out loud. And the way he kept getting Zoe to go along with them all!

One of my favorites was how he ended up getting Zoe a date to the dance. By that point in the book, it was just so perfectly Digby that while you didn’t expect it, you also kind of did.

The end of the book left me wanting a sequel. There’s just enough left open that there would be plenty of plot for another book. And I really want to know what happens next with Digby and Zoe. But as I have no idea if there will be a sequel it left me just a tad bit disappointed that it ended where it did.

If you like reading contemporary young adult books, that’s mostly what this is. With a bit of mystery, a lot of humor, and just a tiny touch of romance thrown in.


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