Upside-Down Magic (Upside-Down Magic #1) by Sarah Mlynowski (review)

December 6, 2015 All Reviews, Fantasy, YA 2 ★★★½

Upside-Down Magic (Upside-Down Magic #1) by Sarah Mlynowski (review)Upside-Down Magic by Sarah Mlynowski
Narrator: Emily Jenkins, Lauren Myracle
Series: Upside-Down Magic #1
Published by Scholastic on October 1st 2015
Number of Pages: 208
Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade
Source: Library
Format: AudioBook
Purchase: At Amazon

Nory Horace is nine years old. She's resourceful, she's brave, she likes peanut butter cookies. Also, she's able to transform into many different animals. Unfortunately, Nory's shape-shifting talent is a bit wonky. And when she flunks out of her own father's magic academy, Nory's forced to enter public school, where she meets a group of kids whose magic is, well, different.

This was cute and fun. I liked the voices the narrators gave the characters, and the personalities were believable for the age group they were supposed to be. I didn’t like Nory’s father at all, and her upside-down magic teacher sounded both like fun as well as like she would have been that annoying teacher we all had growing up. The one who came up with embarrassing and off-the-wall stuff they made everyone in class do because they thought it would be fun and bond the students together. But usually ended up just making the kids roll their eyes.

Most of the adults aside from the teacher, didn’t have full personalities. Part of that was because of how short the book is. Part of it is because the book focused mostly on Nory and her classmates. Still, it would have been nice to see more of Nory’s Aunt. She was the cool Aunt who let Nory eat junk food, have friends over, and had a boyfriend who could change into a dog. But that was mostly all we saw of her.

I loved the creatures Nory turned into. A dragon/kitten, a beaver/kitten, a skunk/elephant, a puppy/squid, and more. I also liked all the different magics we saw in the book. Kids who could cook things just by holding them and concentrating. Kids who could fly. Kids who could turn things invisible. Kids who shrank things, turned into objects, made it rain indoors.

The ending I could see coming, though not the way it unfolded. If you want a quick and fun read, you should try this book.


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2 Responses to “Upside-Down Magic (Upside-Down Magic #1) by Sarah Mlynowski (review)”

    • SilvaraWilde

      It was adorable! And the next one is already out I think? So you can always grab both and then read them back to back. *laughs* Though that might make it more of a sad thing if there’s a book 3 that isn’t out yet. *hasn’t checked to see how long the series will be or anything*

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