What Are Your Favorite Blogs And Why?

August 15, 2015 Discussions 16

I’ve been seeing lots of discussions lately about what makes a great blog. What design elements people love, and what makes them run screaming. Why you stop following a blog, or why you start following it. (Another one on following.)

And each time I read the posts, it made me think of my favorite blogs. Some of them are my favorites because they always seem to have a discussion I want in on. Or because we have similar taste in books, and if I miss hearing about a book, I’ll find out about it because of that blog.

Others are favorites because they’re well put together. Nice clean lines, and have a large (or large to me) following, and I look up to them as what I’d like to be one day. *grins* While still having other elements like similar tastes, or good discussions.

But I’m not going to get into all of that too deeply. I’m sure we’ve all already said all the things, and most likely more than once. So why am I rambling this time? Because I’m going to share a few of my favorites and why. And then I want you to do the same. Maybe we’ll find some new blogs to stalk, or find out just how many we already have in common.


On Starships And Dragon Wings: This was literally the first book review blog I stumbled across as a newbie book blogger. And it’s still one of my favorites. Anya does a lot of neat features, including her weekly giveaways that allow you to link up your fantasy and sci-fi reviews, discussions and giveaways! She also has a feature where she gives mini reviews of the books she’s currently reading. Which is one reason my TBR never seems to shrink…


Not Yet Read: I don’t honestly remember how I ended up at Tabs’ blog. I think I may have followed a link in a comment at Anya’s blog. But I’m super glad I did. She has a wonderful thing called Art It Up where she showcases her latest artsy stuff. Water colors, painting, crochet toys, doodles, I’m constantly amazed at what she can produce. She hasn’t posted as many book reviews lately because she had a baby, and then a reading slump. But we seemed to be getting the same ARCs a lot for a while. *grins*


Booked Til Tuesday: Think I found Kel through Tabs’, but I could easily be wrong. I love reading Kel’s blog both for the discussion posts, and for the fact that she’s a hard to please reviewer. Not always of course, but when all the other blogs I follow are giving out 4-5 Stars and she’s giving 2 Stars it’s nice to see exactly what it was that irked her. (Because sometimes it ends up being something I know would irk me too!)


Nose Graze: No clue how I found this blog. But I love the coding tips, as well as the blog discussions, and other rambles. I also adore her Tweak Me theme and UBB plugin. Ashley always comes across so knowledgeable, without being standoffish or unapproachable. Most of the time I forget she’s younger than I am, she just has that ‘I’ve been around a while and know what I’m doing’ air.


Feed Your Fiction Addiction: Again, no idea how I ended up here. But Nicole always has such fun ideas! She co-hosts the Discussion Challenge, and has recently started a Monthly Wrap Up link-up as well. She reviews a number of genres I don’t read, so I don’t always read her book reviews. But she has enough other posts going on that I want to read, she made the e-mail subscription and favorites list!


And I’m stopping at 5, or I’d never shut up. And I ramble along enough as it is! *laughs* My other favorite blogs can be found in my sidebar if you’re curious.

So now that I’ve told you about 5 of my favorites, I want to hear about yours! Which blogs are your favorite? Why are they your favorites? Tell me what blogs I need to add to my stalking list and why!

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16 Responses to “What Are Your Favorite Blogs And Why?”

  1. Karen Blue

    I do have favorites, but I don’t know if I could put my finger on WHY they are my favorites. It may be partly the content or the way they write, then the graphics are easy on the eyes, the type of books they read maybe? I am really fond of people, like you, who almost always comment back, or surprise me and read a random post and leave a comment. Commenters really get my attention.
    Karen Blue recently posted…CROWN OF MIDNIGHT by Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* I think we all love comments. I know I tend to go visit the blog if I’m not familiar with the person who commented. And for quite a few of the blogs I follow, I don’t have a true ‘reason’. I just like them, so I follow.

      I like your blog because you always seem to have something interesting to read, or comment about.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Hadn’t heard of any of those blogs before, but you’re the 2nd one to recommend the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, so I shall have to check that one out for sure! Thanks for the list!

  2. Jen Schaper

    This is a great topic, especially since I have been thinking a lot lately about features I could add to get more people interested in my blog. I’d love to hear some suggestions.

    I tend to follow blogs for discussions, giveaways, and reviews in the genres I enjoy. Plus, I like it when they have stuff for writers as well.

    I unfollow blogs when they start doing too much stuff unrelated to books or when they require rsvp for all their giveaways. I also don’t like posts with lots of gifs.
    Jen Schaper recently posted…Saturday Selection 8/15/15 through 8/21/2015My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Posts with lots of gifs bug me too. Mostly because too many fast ones can set off my vertigo. I haven’t come across giveaways that require rsvp’s. That sounds pretty insane!

  3. Terri M., the Director

    I love ChapterBreak.net–I love their Chat Between Chapters feature and That’s What He Said.

    Paper Fury is another of my favorites. I love Cait’s humor and she seems to bring out my humorous side when I leave comments on her blog.

    Caffeinated Book Reviewer…Kimba offers great tips and discussion posts.

    Candace’s Book Blog…it’s really CBB Book Promotions that I’m fond of. I love how Candace runs her tours and how she pimps everyone’s posts when you participate.
    Terri M., the Director recently posted…In the Spotlight: J. Frank James, author of Dead Money RunMy Profile

  4. ashley

    I’m not sure if I have favorites, but I tend to like reading discussions like this. I like being able to interact with other readers, and discussions to me seem to be the easiest way to do that. I’ve been leaning towards discussions for my site, but I’ll end up doing them for youtube, and not typing them out. Every once in awhile I’ll read the reviews, but if I haven’t read the book I try and stay away from those reviews. Sometimes that doesn’t happen though.
    ashley recently posted…Kindle Deals (34) + GiveawayMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I read reviews for books I haven’t heard about if they’re posted on one of my favorite blogs. And then usually some end up in my ‘to buy’ or ‘to request’ lists.

      Discussions are totally my favorite thing to read on blogs as well. I try to do one every week, but sometimes coming up with new/unique ideas is hard. I’ve never done blog-stuff for youtube, I’ve seen lots of people who do it, but I’d rather get the comments on my blog. Plus if I forget words (which happens way more often than I’d like!) it’s not as noticeable in text, since I can go back and easily edit before publishing. Thanks for stopping by!

      • ashley

        I enjoy doing the discussions on youtube, and I don’t even worry about if I’m saying something wrong, or I stumble through what I say because that’s part of what make me..me..I just continue to ramble on.

        I tried making a semi schedule for my blog, and I had discussions for Monday because I rarely posted anything that day, but for some reason I have a hard time sticking to schedules. I have plenty of topics I would love to discuss. I guess I’m somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to things.

        This makes me want to go write a discussion I’ve used for youtube.
        ashley recently posted…Kindle Deals (34) + GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Thanks so much for mentioning me, Sivara! Lots of the blogs you mentioned are my favorites too! I hadn’t heard of Booked Til Tuesday, though – I’ll have to check it out! A few of my other favorites are Paper Fury, It Starts at Midnight and Lilybloombooks!

    • SilvaraWilde

      *laughs* Of course! If you need Kel’s link, I’ve moved my stalking list to the top nav bar. My sidebar was getting annoyingly long (to me if no one else!)

      I like Paper Fury, and I’ve got to remember to visit It Starts At Midnight more often. Lilybloombooks sounds familiar, will have to see if that’s in my lists somewhere… Thanks for the recs!

  6. Elizabeth the Evil Overlord

    I have blogs I like to visit because we read similar books, and others, like yours, where there are so many interesting discussion posts, and the ones I like for blogging and design tips. Then there are the blogs I visit because they host memes I participate in.
    Great Discussions-Paper Fury, It Starts at Midnight, Lilybloombooks, LatteNights, KissinBlueKaren, RebelMommyBookBlog
    Blog Tips: NoseGraze, Caffeinated Book Reviewer, Parajunkee
    Elizabeth the Evil Overlord recently posted…Weekly ReCap 8/22My Profile

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