What Do You Collect?

September 19, 2015 Discussions 16

So besides the obvious answer: books. I collect all kinds of things. I get pack-rat tendencies from my Dad. If he sees something and it might be useful at some point in the future, he takes it home with him. Sometimes he even actually ends up using whatever it is. Most times, it just ends up as part of the clutter.

I collect toys, but other than My Little Pony, I don’t collect any specific toys. I have around 350-ish MLP G1’s, and various random other generations. I’ve started collecting Funko POP, but I’m super picky about which ones. I have the 1966 version of Batman and Robin. And 4 of the Avengers: Loki, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye.AvengersFunko








I have a bunch of different stuffed animals. Whatever looks cute and catches my eye. Everything from dragons (of course!), to cats and horses. Including some anime characters like Kyo’s cat-form from Fruits Basket, and a few of the old Sailor Moon plushies.

Stuffed Animals


I also collect yarn. At the moment I have more yarn than space to store it almost. I have 2 covered baskets to keep unused skeins in, they’re 2ft tall, 22in wide and 17in deep. One is filled to the top, the other is so full the top doesn’t close well anymore. I need to start doing lots of crochet soon so the baskets empty out…and I can buy more! *laughs*

I had a porcelain doll collection, but I haven’t seen most of them in 15 years. They’re hopefully still in storage with my mom, but it’s possible she’s gotten rid of them by now. Haven’t been able to get her to answer the question “Do you still have X?” I do have 6 that could start a new collection for me that I’ve gotten in the last few years.

I collect all things Dragon and Faerie as well. And if I can combine the two it’s even better. (Though honestly, dragons are my all-time favorite. Unless they’re Asian dragons, never really liked the look of those…) I have t-shirts, stuffed animals, and statues. One of my favorites is the one Dad gave me for my birthday 2 years ago:

Dragon Faerie


And finally, I collect sharp pointy objects. I adore daggers and throwing knives. I have one throwing knife that looks like a batarang. 3 regular throwing knives, a bodice dagger, an eagle-hilted dagger a bit longer than my forearm, and somewhere I have a knife that is concealed inside a writing pen. (I’m not 100% sure I still have that one. It was a gift from an ex and may have been re-homed. I can’t remember.)



Mom decided when I was a teenager that I needed to collect something. Instead of adding to collections I’d already started and liked, she decided I “needed” to collect salt and pepper shakers. So for a few years, any time a holiday or occasion happened where she could gift me something, I’d get salt and pepper shakers. I got pigs, geese, and I don’t remember what all. I wasn’t interested and so they’d usually end up re-gifted or donated places. Don’t remember how I got her to stop giving them to me…


So what all do you collect? Did you decide on your collections yourselves, or did someone decide you “should” collect something and start gifting things to you? Does it run in your family? What is your favorite thing to collect?

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16 Responses to “What Do You Collect?”

  1. Alyn

    I don’t do it anymore, but I used to collect Final Fantasy artwork and stick them in a scrapbook.

    • SilvaraWilde

      I never got into scrapbooking, but I also never thought about using it to make my own Art Book! That seems like a neat thing, and that way you’d be sure you only had pictures you liked in the book. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Oh man, I collect ALL the things because I am a borderline hoarder. I currently obsessively collect anything related to The Hunger Games. Previously… let’s see. Baby-Sitter’s Club stuff when I was a kid! Shot glasses in my 20s. Postcards pretty much since always, because talk about a cheap, easy to find souvenir! I have like, seven million stuffed animals too! And I LOVE your MLP collection, that is so fun! Love this post ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Review: An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah BobetMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      There was Babysitters Club Stuff?! How did I not know this?? I owned a bunch of the books, and a few of the VHS but had no idea there was other stuff…

      I love my MLP collection too! *grins* Crazy thing is up until my mid-20’s I could tell you the name of every single MLP I had without looking anything up. Most of my collection has been in storage for years, so I doubt I can still do that with all of them. My favorites though, always.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Not likely. *grins* There’s a reason my blog is called Fantasy of the Silver Dragon. I’ve been obsessed with dragons since I can remember. I wouldn’t willingly give up a dragon anything once it becomes mine.

  3. Rindis

    I have lots of books. ๐Ÿ˜› Included in that is also my RPG collection, I have a decent chunk of 1e-era AD&D, which is partially scattered. I also have large collections of Traveller and GURPS books (GURPS is the main thing I stick with at the moment).

    I’m also a gamer, and have a decent collection of wargames of various types.

    My roommate Smudge tends to collect plushies and action figures, and the latter has spilled over onto me. We share in a collection of Skylander figures and recently got a couple of the better-looking Amiibos.

    When I was young, I also collected stamps and coins, but dropped those in favor of all my other hobbies.
    Rindis recently posted…The Godsonโ€™s TriumphMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Dad tried to get me interested in coin collecting since he did that as a child and still has all his coin collections. Unfortunately for him, the only coins I’ve ever been interested in are the silver ones. Silver dimes, nickels, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars. And I don’t really care what year they are, or if they’re perfect as long as they’re not badly damaged. I just think the silver ones are neat. I also like the old half dollars and Susan B. Anthony dollars.

      So he mostly failed. *grins*

  4. Lola

    I collect books, stuffed animals and bookmarks. I shared my bookmark collection on my blog once, I especially love the weirder bookmarks, but I like the simple ones too. I have a lot of stuffed animals on our bed, my boyfriend and I often buy a new one if we go shopping, there’s this store in a city close by us that sells the most amazing and rare stuffed animals, our latest new addition is a stuffed anteater.
    My boyfriend his mom collects fearie’s as well and we always buy a new one for her birthdya and christmas each year, she ahs quite the collection. Many of the fearie’s have a dragon on them as well, similiar to the one you have.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Damned if I Do by Erin HayesMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      That stuffed animal store sounds amazing! Usually I can only find more unusual stuffed animals places like the Zoo. I don’t purposely go looking for them though. Usually I’m in a store to buy something for my niece and nephew and see something that has to come home with me instead. *grins*

      I would have lots more statues, but I’m running out of room to display them. They take up bookshelf space, so I’m constantly debating on if I want more books or more statues. I don’t like putting breakable things on the shelves in front of the books, because there’s too big a chance of me or a cat knocking them down and smashing them.

  5. Elizabeth the Evil Overlord

    I collect Depression-era glassware, snowmen that are not Christmas-y, and Longaberger baskets. Very few people, other than my parents, have ever bought me things for my collections, although my nephew made me a snowman when he was little and it is one of my highlights. When I was teaching my students brought me back magnets and pens when they went on vacation during school time, so those are two collections I have that I didn’t start, but they mean a lot to me.
    Elizabeth the Evil Overlord recently posted…Preview of DyingMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      That’s really neat that your students brought you stuff from their vacations! I’d keep those collections too if kids had given me stuff.

      Dad collects Depression-era glassware, he mostly collects the green and red ones. And that would be the extent of my knowledge of that. *grins*

    • SilvaraWilde

      I have some unicorn things. Stuffed animals and statues mostly. I had this gorgeous blanket when I was a kid. It was one of those plush thermal-y ones? One side was blue like the sky and had a white unicorn rearing on it. The other side was the same image, only reversed. So a blue unicorn was rearing in a sea of white. And then it mysteriously disappeared when I moved out to go to college. I was so sad! Now I’m obsessive about knowing where everything is when moving. *laughs*

  6. Ruby @ Ruby's Books

    Oh man, is that a Batman-shaped blade? I love it!!!

    What do I collect? I love and collect dolls. It started out with Barbie, like it usually does, and it’s extended to all kinds of old, 60s, 70s and 80s dolls. Those were gorgeous, gorgeous dolls, they made them right ๐Ÿ˜€ I also have a thing for yarn. I buy more yarn that I manage to knit/crochet with, but you know, you never know when you find the right project for that yarn, right? I like porcelain dolls too, especially jesters/harlequins. When I was a teenager I had a thing for cigarette packs. I wasn’t a smoker, but I had friends and family who smoked and I’d take their empty packs. Especially the small ones. I also have a thing for beverage coasters, especially from either hotels or bars. I have tons of those. And if I had enough money and space, I’d have a collection of personalized glasses, the ones they sell in gift baskets or packages for different beverages (the perks of being an adult right there :)) ).

    But looking at that blade you photographed, I’m starting to want to collect them too. It looks fantastic!
    Ruby @ Ruby’s Books recently posted…Comic Book Tuesday #6: Sensation Comics #1My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      It is indeed! It’s actually a throwing star, only instead of being a star, it’s shaped like a batarang! I took one look and had to have it. It’s 6in from tip to tip, and 2.5in wide.

      I will warn you, collecting nice blades is an addiction all its own! Anytime I go to Ren Fair, Dickens on the Strand, or anywhere that has sharp pointy objects for sale, I either bring one or two home with me, or am sorely tempted to do so! You also need to check the laws for your state/country. I’ve been pretty lucky in that most of the states I’ve lived in, allow you to own blades. A few places have had a limit on the length of the blade you can own, and some require you to have sheaths for them.

      Your collections sound extensive! And like you have lots of fun adding to them. My yarn stash has only grown since I made this post, I now have three baskets. 2 for unused yarn, and one for finished projects. (And they’re still nearly overflowing!)

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