What Makes You Immediately Add A Book To Your TBR List?

December 5, 2015 Discussions 14

I know there are lots of reasons to add a book to your TBR pile. And lots of reasons not to add a book! But is there anything in particular that makes something a must-read?

Besides my usuals, (favorite author, favorite series, all my friends saying “add it!”) there are a few things that will make me put a book in my To Buy, or To Read list.

Does it have a dragon in it? Is the dragon more than a passing mention? It must be added to my TBR immediately!

Is it about the Fae? Are said Fae not all sweetness and light, but dark and capricious? Add it!

Are there fantasy/mythological creatures in the book that I haven’t heard of, or are rare to find in fantasy? Add it!

Is it a Peter Pan retelling? Add it! (and wonder why I haven’t read it yet…)

Pretty covers and interesting blurbs are all good too of course. But if the book has any one of the above-mentioned things, it’s going into my TBR pile unless everyone I know tells me the book is so bad it must be burned. (Which has never happened ever.)

Looking at all of that, I just got the most amazing idea of ever. Wouldn’t it be awesome to read a book where Peter Pan was actually a Fae like in the mythology stories about Fae? And he has a dragon to ride! Or keeps as a pet or something. Peter Pan and dragons in one book with the Fae too would be the death of me though I’m sure. And I would go happily into that death with a smile on my face… (But I digress…as per usual. Oops)


So! What makes you immediately add a book to your TBR, no questions asked? (And if you happen to know of a book like that *points up* tell me!!!) (Can you tell I’ve had too much sugar today? I should not be allowed to write posts when sleep-deprived and on a sugar high.)

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14 Responses to “What Makes You Immediately Add A Book To Your TBR List?”

  1. Kristen Burns

    I can DEFINITELY see Peter Pan as a fae and riding a dragon. I feel like he practically is fae already! Someone should write that book you created.

    If a book is a circus romance, it pretty much automatically goes on my TBR because there are so few circus books out there. But when I’m looking for free ebooks, if I see the word “vampire,” I’ll usually download it without even reading the blurb lol. I’m really bad when it comes to free books. And vampires.
    Kristen Burns recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Female Characters from Books I’ve Read This Year (2015)My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’m a sucker for vampire books as well. But I’ve gotten pickier about them. So many times I’ve gotten a book with vampires in it, and they’ve been done horribly. So having a vampire will make me pick it up, but it only gets added to my TBR if the synopsis sounds good and it wasn’t touted as being similar to Twilight.

    • SilvaraWilde

      Girls who disguise themselves as boys are another one I like. But I can’t always find books where it’s done well, and doesn’t come off as a rip-off of some other book that I’ve already read. (Even when it isn’t a rip-off!)

  2. Karen Blue

    I love dragons as well! (i am about to get a tattoo of a couple of dragons on my back, so there’s proof!)
    I usually go by cover, synopsis, author, popularity…in that order. Even then it is not automatic. I am very stingy with my TBR, especially on Goodreads. I hate that it is just over 100 books, but those are the ones I own and definitely plan to read. I am more liberal with my wishlist.
    Karen Blue recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up #64My Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      I’ve wanted the same tattoo since I was 13. (So for nearly 25 years now!) Unfortunately, my pain tolerance is basically nil, and since what I want is a full back piece (dragon of course!) the chance of it happening is also nil! *laughs* I’d love to see a picture of your tattoo when you get it done!

    • SilvaraWilde

      Yes! I love retellings in general, but if it’s a Peter Pan retelling it ends up in my TBR list pretty much from the moment someone says “Peter Pan”. *lol* I swear I have about 20 different copies of the original book, all different covers, some with added stories/expanded plot.

  3. Jen @ Books That Hook

    It’s never “no questions asked” for me when it comes to selecting books. Even if it’s an author I know, I still am pretty picky about if it is going to go on my TBR. If the female character sounds interesting and brave, the male character doesn’t sound like a jerk, and the reviews are decent, I’ll give it a try. Magic, psychic abilities, and FBI agents usually catch my attention. Also great covers!
    Jen @ Books That Hook recently posted…Atrophy by Jess Anastasi ~ Release Blast (2015 sci-fi romance, @RhiReading, @JessAnastasi)My Profile

  4. Amy @ Pages of Starlight

    Oh, I do love dragon books – though they don’t quite get added to my TBR immediately. I think for me my biggest ‘must read now!’ topic is Egypt. A book that takes place in Egypt is awesome. A book that’s based on Egyptian mythology is even better. Historical, contemporary, fantasy, doesn’t matter, I’ll want to read it.

    Also books that feature a ‘ragtag bunch of misfits’ and ones that feature strong friendships all get added almost immediately.
    Amy @ Pages of Starlight recently posted…Fall TBR UpdateMy Profile

    • SilvaraWilde

      Egyptian Mythology is my 2nd favorite mythology read after Greek Mythology. But since it’s harder to find, it’s funny that it isn’t higher up there for me. Have you read “Tomorrow’s Sphinx” by Clare Bell? It’s fairly old, and sci-fi. With nearly-but-not-quite telepathic cheetahs and jumps between the future and back in the times of the Pharaoh’s.

      I’ve been obsessed with dragons for at least as long as I have been with Peter Pan. So those are two of my major weaknesses. I live in not-quite-dread for the day when I’ve read enough bad books about either one to make me less likely to do the “Dragons/Peter Pan? TBR!”

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